This page serves as an archive of all the audio files, including sound effects and music, used in Realms of the Haunting. We also want to focus some of attention on the cues of certain audio segments, examining their placement in the game and speculating on their symbolical quality.

Update January 11 2017
As Sascha's distribution of the Extraction Tool for Realms of the Haunting brought to my attention, a gifted and kind-hearted ripper by the name of Yagotzirck has finally managed to access and extract all of the game's data, including audio files (speech and special effects), which I was hitherto only able to provide as dilettante in-game recordings. You can download these magnificent new year's presents as compiled by ZDoom message board user Dynamo over here.

Background MusicEdit

Sound EffectsEdit

The ominous sound effect indicating the start of a new chapter.
Upon unlocking the door to Florentine's Library with the small Quartz Idol, we trigger a disembodied security guard, asking for a specific password.
As we set foot into the dark Caverns, we're welcomed by a grim disembodied voice calling us infidels and summoning its demonic allies to obliterate us.
The jingling, humming sound that we hear when approaching a Tower Gate.
Interestingly, the Sarcophagus of Almaz Dazaar inside the Mausoleum also emanates this specific sound.
The ever-present humming noise in the Tower, apparently symbolizing the roaming, ethereal Ire.
By taking the Rune Guide, which is protected by a ARCANEW4.ward of an arcane appearance green ward, we call upon the wrath of a disembodied voice that summons various demons to obliterate us.
This short solemn chant which can be heard in several different locations.
When treading through the shimmering portal in the Mausoleum into the viridescent throne room where Adam's hands are branded.
When uncovering the Angelic mural in the Lady Chapel of St. Michael's, revealing the secret stash of Aelf's Helm.
In Raysiel's Tower, by combining the incomplete Spirit Ring and the Amethyst.
  • Weeping Woman
  • Inside the stone-walled room in the Mausoleum, containing the Lever Key, we hear the unsettling sounds of a weeping woman and a beating heart, seemingly originating from behind a small drain grate.
  • In one of the dark corridors of the Mansion.
  • Mocking Children
The disembodied laughter of these cheeky little monkeys can be heard inside the Mansion's *Armoury, and secondly when we fail the *platforming section before the Observatory.
The ambient noises, such as dripping water, echoing through the Caverns.
The even-tempered and calming ticking of the Grandfather Clock in the Mansion's Study.
By setting the hands of the Grandfather Clock in the Mansion's Study to 6 o'clock, the clock case opens and plays a little chiming tune.
The pleasant and peaceful chirping of the birds in Raquia.


Whispering StatuesEdit

Voices in the TowerEdit

Claude FlorentineEdit

Charles RandallEdit



Sound is a predominant feature of Raquia, as we shall see further on during our exploration of Raysiel's Palace, where sound and the lack thereof have been specifically implemented in the puzzles that await us.[6]

Apart from the blissful song of the birds accompanying our stride through the Elysian gardens of Raquia, these acoustical elements are worth taking note of:

  • Earplugs: Inside one of the chambers in the Rotunda of Riddles we find a set of earplugs, reminding Adam and Rebecca of the ancient Greek myth of Odysseus, who put wax in his ears to avoid the deadly song of the Sirens. We need to wear these devices to protect ourselves from the humming figure in the Siren Room.
  • Bell Room: After entering and striding through the silent corridors of Raysiel's Palace, we enter a large chamber with several moving platforms and staircases. On the ceiling we an imposing bell which has several Olympian statues with hammers affixed to the side of it. The floor is largely covered with cogs and repeatedly falling or treading on these will prompt the bell ringers to smash their hammers against the bell's corpus. Raysiel, the evidently rather sound-sensitive master of this place, will wake up and intern us for eternity.
  • Squeaking Doors: Some of the wooden doors in the Room of Riddles will produce a squeaking sound when opened without caution. Apparently, we need to apply some oil to their rusty hinges before entering.
  • Nightingale Floor: One of the rooms in the Rotunda of Riddles features a Japanese 'uguisubaru' Nightingale Floor whose wooden boards are intentionally so designed and arranged to produce squeaking noises when treaded upon, in order to expose undesired visitors and trespassers.
  • Silver Armlet: This accessory is covered in some wondrous script, apparently magical runes which according to Rebecca, indicate a form of magic connected to sound or lack thereof, giving us an implication to its use: by wearing the Armlet, we're able to traverse the above-mentioned and otherwise creaking Nightingale Floor silently and unharmed, allowing us to retrieve the mandatory Rainbow Gem from a small chest.
  • Falling Book Stacks: The small study inside the Rotunda of Riddles is filled with several book stacks, intentionally placed in such a manner that they fall over if we break the (initially invisible) laser rays connecting them, apparently producing a rumbling noise which irritates Raysiel's sensitive ears.


  1. This is a slightly altered version of this quote from English philosopher Sir Thomas Browne.
  2. This quotation is a slightly altered version of the first stanza of the poem, "The Reaper And The Flowers," by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
  3. Loosely cited from a poem by English writer William Morris, namely "Down Among the Dead Men".
  4. According to Johann Weyer's Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, Raym (or more prominently Räum or Raum, respectively) is a Great Earl of Hell, ruling thirty legions of demons. He is depicted as a crow which adopts human form at the request of the conjurer. Raym steals treasures out of kings' houses, carrying them where he wishes, and destroys cities and dignities of men (he is said to have great dispraise for dignities). He can also tell things past, present and future, and reconcile friends and foes.
  5. Refers to a passage from the Book of Revelation (6:12).
  6. PC Power #33: Early on in the game, a 'sound' theme is evident - for example, in one room if you touch the floor a bell chimes, waking, and annoying the resident spirit. Later on, in a room with a frozen floor, cracking the ice alerts local demons - the sound echoing through the silent corridors. The story behind the sound themeisn't a long one; "I was sat there one day and thought, ooh, wouldn't that be nice," Paul Green told me.

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