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Portrayed by
Dave Roberts
Voiced by
(GermanyFlag)Thomas Krause
(FranceFlag) Pierre Monbouchet
(ItalyFlag) Alessandro Ricci
(SpainFlag)Adán Latonda

Aelf is the last member of a military order called Falshire Knights which was erased in a battle against an army of rogue Templars led by Claude Florentine. Aelf will provide advice for Adam and Rebecca throughout the game.


Aelf or Ælf is a male given name of Anglo-Saxon origin. It can be translated as "elf". Anglo-Saxons believed in elves: supernatural creatures with humanoid features and often regarded to be of extraordinary and iridiscent beauty. This glow is reflected in the word in that "Aelf" is cognate with the Latin "albus" and the Germanic "albiz" which both mean white and shining. It was the source of the name of the mountain range the Alps.

Furthermore, "Aelf" is the equivalent to the Babylonian word "ELLU" meaning "shining one" which again is related to the word "El", an ancient Semitic abbreviation for Elohim. The latter information is also reflected in the notebook that Adam and Rebecca find on the pulpit inside St. Michael's.

Falshire KnightsEdit

Discussing the topic with Adam, Rebecca comments how she "once read of a battle fought between a company of rogue Templars and a group of knights which I believe were of the Falshire Order. But I'm not sure where the battle was fought."

According to Hawk, Aelf is the very last in the most noble line of avatars who swore their soul to the light on the day of Creation and defend the Soulstone from all evil. The order eventually fell to an army of Darkness, led by a young mortal called Florentine, and the Demon of Lies, Belial.

As seen in the cutscene which is triggered upon investigating the OldKnightHelm Old Knight's Helm in the Mansion's Gallery, Eye of the Beast Fall of Angels, we bear witness to the passing of Pelador, another Falshire member who refers to Aelf as "sire", a title which during the Middle Ages was used to address a superior, a person of importance or in a position of authority or the nobility in general.

Holy RelicsEdit

Within Heled are hidden the most treasured of Aelf's possessions, the so-called Holy Relics, which will provide a link between him and Adam throughout the game.

Rebecca: Being a knight of the ancient world Aelf would be tied to his equipment with a bond stronger than word.

# Image Name Use Location
Aelf's Dagger
Entrance to Raquia.
Located in Hawk's Prison, behind one of the doors which are opened by splashing water at them with a Chalice.
Aelf's Breastplate
Shortly before entering the Observatory.
Dragon Helm
Entrance to Arqua.
In the Lady Chapel of St. Michael's. Put the green feather from the stained glass window into the socket with the Madonna statuette.
Entrance to Sheol.
In Arqua. Received from Tishtrya upon solving the riddle.

Raphael and AelfEdit

Apart from the fact that both Raphael and Aelf are portrayed by the same actor, Dave Roberts, there is one major clue in the game supporting the assumption that they are actually one and the same. After having freed Hawk with the Key of Tears, Adam and Rebecca ask him about Aelf to which he responds that he and Raphael are of the same blood. Rebecca states that she has noticed some resemblance and asks if they are related, which Hawk negates.

Another vague parallel proposes itself in the fact that Raphael is the last of the Gardeners, and Aelf is the last of the Falshire Knights.

Saint MichaelEdit


Aelf's Helm


Relief inside the Mausoleum, depicting St. Michael

Apart from similarities regarding their names, there are various hints that Aelf actually is some sort of manifestation of the biblical St. Michael. Page 3 of the above-mentioned notebook reveals that Muslim lore describes Michael the Archangel "in wondrous and magnificent form with wings the colour of emerald green". Aelf's Helm actually bears two green feathers. The Qur'an also states that Michael is one of four archangels (the others being Azrael, Israfel, and Gabriel) and resides in the seventh heaven.

Another hint presents itself in the final section of the Mausoleum as Adam and Aelf meet for the first time. At the end of the hall we find an altar behind which is the relief of an angel. At the bottom it says, "Quis ut Deus", which is a Latin inscription often to be found on the shield of St. Michael and which translates as "Who is like God". Meeting Aelf in the just vicinity of the mural could be considered a juxtaposition.

In the War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Michael is described as the prince of light, leading forces of good against the darkness of evil, who is led by Belial. As was already stated above, Aelf, as a member of the Falshire Knights order, fought against an army of Darkness, led by Florentine and Belial.

Most of Aelf's possessions are somehow connected with the word "dragon". The motive of Michael and the dragon appears in the Book of Revelation 12:7-9.

And there was a battle in heaven; Michael and his angels battled with the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels fought back. And they did not prevail neither was their place found any more in heaven. And that great dragon was cast down, the ancient serpent he who is called the devil and Satan, who leads astray the whole world; and he was cast down to the earth and with him his angels were cast down.


Reflecting on AelfEdit

Adam: So Aelf is a product of the Soulstone. That's what Hawk said. If the Soulstone is the lock, then Aelf's sword is the key, part of the Shrive. That means that Aelf's sword was Eternity. It would seem events have been brought about too soon, certain prophecies. That's why Aelf is here; to help put Mankind's future back on course, to restore the equilibrium. Aelf's spirit that is. He fell long ago, defending the Soulstone with his Falshire Knights. Fell to Florentine and his demonic hordes at Falshire field. Now only his spirit remains. Although powerful, he cannot take up his sword again. Apparently, it's down to me. Great. That's just great...

Rebecca: Wherever there is evil, there is always the light. Perhaps it's nothing, but I think his words speak of a location or an item connected to Angels. There are many stories connected to dragons. St. Michael battling Lucifer during the Fall from Heaven comes to mind.

Adam: Go with open eye - Aelf meant you and your psychic powers.
Rebecca: Indeed. And go with the wings of Angels - one of those feathers we found at the glass window led us to the Dragon helm.
Adam: He also mentioned something about my voyage to the Tower...
Rebecca: No riddles there.
Adam: And the last was that the sword of the Dragon being held aloft to light the way.

Adam: What was that he said about destiny?
Rebecca: That your ultimate destiny and all your unanswered questions would be answered there. Mine too.
Adam: What do you think he meant - about you I mean?
Rebecca: I don't know Adam, really I don't.

The Holy RelicsEdit

Adam: The Holy Relics Aelf uses to contact us. We've found one, the breastplate. Anything?
Rebecca: He may be dead but the bond still exists between Aelf and his possessions. That will never die.
Adam: Magic? Ancient magic maybe?
Rebecca: Perhaps. But don't quote me on that. I'm not sure. Maybe no magic at all, just honorable word, word that cannot be broken.

Aelf's BreastplateEdit

Adam: Aelf's breastplate, his cuirass. Makes me feel somehow... I'm not sure. I feel ready to take on anything.
Rebecca: Not surprising. The cuirass is inhued [sic, imbued] with Aelf's courage. Part of whatever constitutes his spirit has been passed on to you.

The Dragon HelmEdit

Adam: So the Dragon helm's our ticket to enter Arqua.
Rebecca: It's also very magical.
Adam: Your [sic] not kidding. My thoughts... they've become so clear.
Rebecca: In tune with your surroundings? You should be, the power of the helm's altering you, it's tuning into your psyche, fashioning and molding it.
Adam: But for what? Why is it doing all of this?
Rebecca: Now that Adam, is something we'll just have to wait for.

Adam: Aelf's Helm. Makes me feel... somehow ready to take on everything. Can't explain it.

Aelf's DaggerEdit

Adam: Aelf talked of the Dagger as a key, a device to enter Raquia.
Rebecca: That's true. And Raysiel only allowed us to remain in Raquia because of the presence of the Dagger.
Adam: Odd blade. Curved. Apart from a key to enter the Realm of Raquia, it helped us against Belial. Took his face clean off.
Rebecca: I think the design and style is somewhat Indian.


Rebecca: Eternity, the Dragon Sword, taken from the Soulstone by Florentine all those years ago. The single act that began everything.
Adam: On our last meeting, Aelf told us to take the Dragon sword Eternity to Sheol - to the Chamber of the Soulstone.
Rebecca: I've got a feeling that's not going to be as easy as it sounds.

Falshire KnightsEdit

Adam: What do you know of the Falshire knights?
Rebecca: I once read about a battle fought between a company of rogue Templars and a group of knights which I believe were of the Falshire Order. But I'm not sure where the battle was fought.
Adam: I wonder if the Falshire Knights have anything to do with that Helm we picked up near the Armoury?

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