Hawk's Prison
Charles Randall's Vicarage
Attack Type
Attack Patterns

The Agi is a green creature with two heads[1] and four arms that appears in two separate locations.

We first come across two specimens of this type after having opened the Sarcophagus in the Mansion's Study and following the path towards Hawk's Prison. Just before entering the large hall with the seething pool of lava beneath our feet, we walk past two side chambers with magical fountains and a set of Chalices that are guarded by these creatures.

Secondly, we happen upon another specimen while exploring the basement area of Charles Randall's Vicarage. The Agi we find here is thankfully caged and will inflict no harm to us unless we move too close to the partially broken prison bars.

I tentatively named these creatures according to the corresponding sprites, which we can extract from the ADEMO.DAS archive in our ROTH installation and which have been titled by the developers as such: AGI_C.Coarpse.BMP


  1. Because "AGRATHII.:the more'eds the better.BMP" - developer's description text for the corresponding sprite of this creature

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