Arqua Scroll


The Arqua Scroll is a document made from vellum which is added to our inventory upon arriving in Arqua, giving us an outline on what to do in order to retrieve the Sword of the Dragon, Eternity.

Accordingly, our main objective consists in fashioning the four elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Wind - in their absolute state from the various objects, the "raw ingredients", that are placed inside the four Element Rooms surrounding the main fountain. We have to combine them in specific manners and place them on the Ring of Eight, then add them to the Pipe Hookah Pipe, which will eventually be offered to the Iranian god of water, Tishtrya.


Adam: Scroll. Vellum isn't it?
Rebecca: Yes. Animal hide.

Traveller, welcome.

Since your are reading this, you must be the chosen, in search of the Sword of the Dragon, Eternity.
This is Arqua the divine, Realm of purity and peace.

This is what you must do.
All four elements must be in their absolute state.
This may require you to use one element to produce another from the raw ingredients that you have found.
Take the four elements to the Ring of Eight and place them correctly. They will conjure the presence of the Hafaza.
When you look upon the face of Tishtrya, take up the elements again and combine them.
Remember that what pleases us, often pleases the divine also, and consider which of your senses is as yet untouched.

When the scent of success sweetens the air, you will achieve your mind's desire.


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