Bone Throne
HELEDW1.ward for earth Mausoleum
Chapter II: Signs and Portents

The Bone Throne is a wondrous piece of furniture, found in a viridescent room inside the Mausoleum, which is secluded from the outside by a curiously shimmering and humming portal, which we boldly decide to tread through. Our trespassing is acoustically accompanied by a short, solemn, monkish sort of chant. We're considerably impressed by what we find beyond the portal, a sort of gloomy unorthodox chapel with monastic cross vault, illuminated by a viridescent light falling in through the window sides and filled with various chest tombs and murals.

The throne itself is set up in the far end and appears to be made from bones. Infact, its design partially mirrors the human anatomy, seeing as we can clearly identify a rib-cage, pelvic bone blades and a skull. On top, there's a replication of the SKEP5.shrive behind throne Shrive symbol.

Inching forward, we find two pieces of agitated religious writing, scrawled on either side of the stately seat, which apparently cite certain passages from Hosea 4:6 and Leviticus 26:22 (King James translation):

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"[1]

I will also send wild beasts amongst [sic] you"[2]

Sitting on the throne, Adam's hands will be branded with the Shrive symbol: Eye of the Beast Branded

Impressions Edit


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