Brian Fargo
Brian Fargo - LinkedIn profile picture - 2016
Birth Date
December 15 1962
Longbeach, California, USA
Game Designer
Executive Producer

Frank Brian Fargo (born December 15 1962 in Longbeach, California, United States of America) is an American video game designer and producer who has received an honourable Special Thanks mention in the credits of Realms of the Haunting. At present, Brian is Chief Executive Officer at the inXile Entertainment development studio, which he founded in 2002 after his exit from Interplay.

As revealed in one of his Twitter posts, a reminiscence on the creepy Gramophone in the Mansion's Study, Realms of the Haunting is in fact one of Brian's personal favourites.[1]




  1. Brian Fargo on Twitter: "That was a classic moment from one of my favourite games."

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