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Charles Randall
Portrayed by
Gerry Hinks
Voiced by
(GermanyFlag)Gerd Braese
(FranceFlag) Alain Debray
(ItalyFlag) Enricho Verdecchia
(SpainFlag)Fernando Hernández
Adam's Mother (wife)
Adam Randall (son)

Charles Randall is Adam's deceased father who served as a parson in Helston, his living quarters, the Vicarage, being in the immediate vicinity of the Church of St. Michael. He died six months prior to the events in the game.[1]

Charles and his wife had separated when Adam was very young, and Adam's Mother consequently went back to their original home in Canada. According to Adam, his role as a parson at St. Michael's was more important to him than his family, and the contact between them had been rare. They had seen each other again prior to Charles' death when Adam was on a student exchange. He recalls that it was an awkward meeting and that his father had changed much. In the game, Adam encounters the spirit of his father inside the Mansion's Study. Put in chains, Charles entreats his son to free his tormented soul and advices him to find Aelf.

Occasionally, Charles' voice can be heard as Adam travels through the Tower, calling with agitation and despondency for his son.
30px-Gnome-speakernotes Adam... Adam!

Charles used to play violin which is revealed as Adam and Rebecca behold the stained glass windows of St. Michael's.

Adam: Angel and violin. That was my father's instrument.
Rebecca: Did he play?
Adam: Like an angel.

Another interesting thing about the church is that there are three stained glass windows adorning the wall above the church altar and pulpit where Charles used to hold speeches, the one on the right being the above-mentioned depiction of an angel playing the violin. The one in the middle depicts St. Michael as he casts the Devil out of Heaven. The one on the left, then, shows a woman. Adam remarks that her resemblance to his mother is uncanny.



Eye of the Beast In the name of the Father
Eye of the Beast Belial - Demon's Test
Eye of the Beast Endgame - Keeper of Eternity


Speaking about Charles' pendant.

Adam: When my father... appeared to me. He was wearing a stone around his neck. A pendant? He said it was his jailer.
Rebecca: I know little of that Adam, save that it binds and keeps him here. The essence of the stone is all around. It seems to come from everywhere; every corner and every shadow.

Adam: My father. Kept here by... by some evil. I have to find a way to free him from this place. The stone he wears around his neck. He said it was his misery, the thing that kept him here - the source of the evil in this place. And its essence is all around. Maybe the stone is only part of a greater evil.

Adam: What do you think these green crystals are?
Rebecca: I'm not sure but we've seen at least one of them before.
Adam: My father! Right! That chain around his neck. The reason he said he was kept here.
Rebecca: Correct. And whatever the stones are, they're very powerful, a fragment of a whole.
Adam: And whatever the whole, [its] power is going to be like nothing we've seen yet.

Beholding the stained glass window in St. Michael's that depicts an angel with a violin.

Adam: Angel and violin. That was my father's instrument.
Rebecca: Did he play?
Adam: Like an angel.

References Edit

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    Adam: My father died six months ago.