Coloured Gem

The Coloured Gem is one of the items that are necessary to solve the riddles surrounding the acquisition of the Key of Tears from inside Raysiel's Tower.

This multi-coloured jewel, which is apparently supposed to mirror the seven hues of the ROYGBIV colour spectrum, can be retrieved from the small casket in the room with the Nightingale floor. It fits in the small pentagonal indentation in the main hall, allowing us to activate the vertically moving plinth and thus access the shimmering walkway, which leads us to the GemAmethyst Amethyst Gem which is necessary for completing the SpiritRingIncomplete Spirit Ring and subsequently acquire the KeyofTears Key of Tears.

The Coloured Gem reappears during our trials in Sheol, where we find it incorporated in one of the puzzles surrounding the Third Test to the Key of the Abyss.


Adam: Look at the colours in this.
Rebecca: They're the Rainbow colours aren't they?

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