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The Creator's Staff[1] is the first magical weapon that Adam happens upon, located inside a large room in the Mausoleum with various angel statues, where, together with the Shrive, it is displayed on an TEMPONE.stone alter altar stone with two intertwined serpents.

The staff is an ancient tribal artefact with faint runic markings, able to shoot powerful fireballs, though taking quite a while to recharge. Its power is displayed by the HUD in the form of six skulls and it can be fired as long as one skull is glowing; the potency of its magical missiles obviously increases proportional to the number of recharged skulls.

Cutscenes & ScriptEdit

Eye of the Beast Creator - Holy Shrine

Creator: This place has waited, longer than you could possibly imagine. You are marked for your destiny. Take what is now yours, re-calibrate the Powers. Take it, you must.

Eye of the Beast Creator - Father's Fate

Creator: Do not turn from this place or the artefact you behold. The answers to your father's fate lie with it. Look to your hands. [You must not falter.] You and the artefact together, together as one, a weapon against all evil.

Eye of the Beast Creator - 'By this Sign...'

Creator: You are marked. Take the device and restore the Balance. Look to the Staff; arm yourself with the Light. The power of the Staff is great, but delicate. Use it well, it will see you clear to speak with the Valorous One. Go now.

Examining the Staff

Adam: There are faint markings down this. Almost tribal.


  1. As referred to in the PC Format #65 article.

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