On this page, we shall have a closer look at some of the more wondrous types of Portals that appear on our meanderings through the Realms of The Haunting.

Shimmering GatesEdit


While Shimmering Gates are common to the Tower, they also appear in some other locations in the game:

  • Mausoleum: Our trespassing through the shimmering portal into the viridescent Throne Room where Adam's hands are branded with the symbol of the Shrive is acoustically accentuated by a short, monkish sort of chant.
  • Charles Randall's Vicarage: In the Basement, after having unlocked the ornately crafted Tree Door with the Tree Key, we come through a corridor with another shimmering gate, leading us to an effigy of the Tree of Life.
  • Arqua: There are four shimmering curtains by the fountain, initially blocking our access to the four elemental rooms. By filling the silver goblets, previously found inside the staircase maze, with some of the magical water from the fountain, we can deactivate the portals.

Mausoleum: Door with Shrive DesignEdit

ALFDOR1.doorin anteroom

In the room where we meet Florentine under his real identity (that is, not using his false persona Elias Camber) for the first time, there's a finely worked, double-winged door featuring two knights and the Shrive symbol. Remembering the Parchment-Shrive2 Parchment we've picked up earlier inside the little make-shift Study in the Mausoleum, we decide to insert the eponymous artefact Shriveb into the designated aperture, allowing us to a large chamber with a long pool and various chest tombs, also making the acquaintance of our sought-after confidante, Aelf.

Hawk's PrisonEdit

Door with Fish DesignEdit

ANDOOR1.door to dag rm

Inside the lava-filled hall beyond the Sarcophagus in the Study, the prison of Hawk, there are two double-sided metal doors with a fish motif. By filling one of the Chalice silver goblets with some of the magical water from the antecedent fountains, they can be opened, revealing the secret stash of Aelf's Dagger.

Anubis DoorEdit


Before freeing Hawk from his prison beyond the Sarcophagus, the ethereal staircase leading up to the tower gate to St. Michael's and Charles Randall's Vicarage will be blocked by a ANUBDOOR peculiar, golden portal. The name for the corresponding texture of this door is called ANUBDOOR.bmp which we could read as an abbreviated reference to Anubis, the ancient Egyptian deity commonly associated with mummification and afterlife.

Charles Randall's Vicarage: Tree DoorEdit


The Basement of the old Vicarage of Adam's Father, apart from being well-stocked with various beer kegs and wine racks, also harbours an ornately crafted door with a floral design that we can unlock by using the TreeKey Tree Key from the nearby Laboratory. Interestingly, the texture for this door is called " of horrid keith's things.bmp", as a humorous allusion to Keith Dando, one of the game's producers.

Raquia: Raysiel's TowerEdit

Inside the Room of Riddles in Raysiel's Tower, there are two particularly curious doors, demanding our attention:
RoomMusicDoor There are several music notes carved into one of the wooden doors. By reproducing the little fanfare with the set of Pan Pipes found inside the Raquia Maze, we're now free to access the room beyond and gather the eccentric pair of Spectacles and a Flask of Oil.
RoomFaceDoor One of the other wooden doors has an odd security device worked into it, a moving face that requires a certain password in order to grant us access.

Heled: Warded DoorEdit

ARCANEW6.ward of an arcane appearance
Mansion Warded Unlockable Door

The unlockable door whose magical ward cannot be dispelled.


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