Sheol: Halls of Doppelgangis

Doppelgangis is the Demon of Insight and Personality[1], who we encounter within the Halls of Doppelgangis.


Inside the Halls of DoppelgangisEdit

Abaddon: Are you here to finish what you started Florentine? My captivity is fruitless Florentine. The Prophecy will be fulfilled. Another will come to take my place. I'm talking to you Florentine. Answer me.
Adam: I'm not Florentine. My name is Adam Randall.
Abaddon: So you are he. Your coming fulfills the Prophecy.
Adam: What do you mean?
Abaddon: You are known, Adam Randall, as is the woman with whom you travel.
Adam: Are you... Abaddon?
Abaddon: I am Abaddon. Keeper of the Key to the Abyss and Guardian Power of the Soulstone.
Adam: How do you know about Rebecca and myself?
Abaddon: It was said that two would come to this place in Mankind's greatest hour - that with Eternity in hand they would restore the Balance, or destroy it. Until this juncture, the woman's name was hidden to protect her, but yours... yours was known on the day that Eternity was taken from the Stone.
Adam: How am I connected to this Prophecy? Who knows about me?
Abaddon: All life in the Universe is connected to the Soulstone. You are connected to Prophecy by the Thread. The Thread is a Web of strands that touches each one of us. You Adam are connected in such a way that the Thread bends to you - you create rather than flow with the current.
Adam: What is this place? Where am I?
Abaddon: These are the Halls of Doppelgangis, demon of Insight and Personality.
Adam: I've met something - he looked just like me.
Abaddon: Naturally. All who come here must meet themselves. If you have any chance of success, you must destroy the Darkness all Men have in their hearts.
Adam: Sounds simple enough. You have any ideas?
Abaddon: The test must be passed by you, and you alone.
Adam: What is this... Key to the Abyss?
Abaddon: The Key is the three tests, through the arch which brought you here. Passage into Sheol is the result of the possession of the Key.
Adam: The light... this red light, does it bind you here?
Abaddon: I am held here by the light, yes - I do not fight against it. My only concern is Florentine's humiliation.
Adam: Then you knew this would happen!
Abaddon: Internment was prophesised for my soul. The light and Florentine are variables - internment was the constant.
Adam: Well is there some way I can free you?
Abaddon: You cannot. I must remain here if Prophecy is to be fulfilled.
Adam: Why does the Soulstone need a Guardian?
Abaddon: My role is that of Witness, and Vigil. I do not defend nor protect for the Stone needs not such. But my time is gone Adam, the role of Guardian will be another's after this day, as Prophecy dictates.


  1. Confer: Adam's conversation with Abaddon inside the Halls of Doppelgangis

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