Aelf's Helm
St. Michael's: Lady Chapel

Aelf's Helm, also referred to as Dragon Helm, is one of the Holy Relics, the assortment of equipment belonging to Aelf, last of the noble Falshire Knights.

It can be found inside the Lady Chapel of St. Michael's:
On the Communion Table we spot a MADONA1.madonna stat Madonna statuette. Upon closer inspection we find there's a ring of discoloration around the Madonna's head, prompting us to place the jewelled Tiara on it. The wooden base of the statuette features a small indentation and two engraved feathers. Brooding, our attention is drawn to a mural that's covering one of the room's walls, depicting a gate and two angels (one with green wings), giving us the sought-after clue as to which feather to insert. Nota bene that mistakenly choosing the red feather will spawn two major 1YWK Yielders. As we put the green feather into the small aperture, the mural will open, acoustically accompanied by a short monastic sort of chant, and reveal a casket that contains Aelf's Helm. In the following cutscene, Eye of the Beast Aelf - the Dragon Helm, we once again meet our valued confidante Aelf, informing us that his helm serves as our passport to the Realm of Divinity, Arqua, where we shall find the notorious Sword of the Dragon, Eternity.


Adam: So the Dragon helm's our ticket to enter Arqua.
Rebecca: It's also very magical.
Adam: Your [sic] not kidding. My thoughts... they've become so clear.
Rebecca: In tune with your surroundings? You should be, the power of the helm's altering you, it's tuning into your psyche, fashioning and molding it.
Adam: But for what? Why is it doing all of this?
Rebecca: Now that Adam, is something we'll just have to wait for.

Adam: Aelf's Helm. Makes me feel... somehow ready to take on everything. Can't explain it.

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