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Emma Powell
Voice Actress

Emma Powell is a London-based actress. Apart from her portrayal of Rebecca Trevisard in Realms of the Haunting, she has appeared in numerous theatre and film productions, while also recording audio books and doing professional voice acting for commercials and video games. A comprehensive list of her involvements can be consulted at her official website.

Recently, Emma has done voice work for the 2014 videogame "Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms". She's also active recording readings of articles for the project.



Appearances and Voice WorkEdit

  • Abellio VO:
    • Voice-over for Abellio Greater Anglia ad campaign to publicize the 2 for 1 offer on London attractions, shot by Space City Productions at Norwich Train Station
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  • A Crown of Lights by Phil Rickman, reading:
    • Synopsis: When a disused church is bought by a young pagan couple, who intend to use it for their own rituals, the evangelical local rector reacts with fury. In an isolated community on the Welsh border, an atmosphere of stifling menace develops - with the persecution of innocent people, false accusations and the formation of a Christian vigilante group. Diocesan deliverance consultant Merrily Watkins is expected to keep the peace as this cauldron of conflict threatens to boil over into serious violence, Merrily uses all the diplomacy she can muster. But, as the confrontation moves towards its climax, she is unaware of a personal threat against her from a deranged and violent man.
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  • Austerlitz, BBC Radio Drama, portraying the character of Young Vera:
  • The Weir - Donmar Warehouse West End, official trailer:
  • Gloamers: Episode 3: The Night Whisperer (portraying the character of Laura):
    • "Emma has been performing in In The Gloaming, an anthology series of comedy-horror podcasts in the vein of Tales of The Unexpected and Hammer House of Horror released almost-monthly. Written and directed by Nathaniel Tapley and produced by Raoul Brand."
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  • Home Movies, short film by MY Production:
  • Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms (2014, videogame):
    • "Next, venting any buried aggression by playing a woman raised by ogres in the video game ‘Heretic Kingdoms’ and then yesterday filming a heartfelt story of realisation and enlightenment. And tonight I’m teaching. I feel very well rounded!"
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  • Use It or Lose It, a radiophonic play by Peter Blegvad and Iain Chambers, first broadcast on December 3rd 2011 on BBC Radio 3: