Fire Demon
Sheol: Island of Threads
Attack Type
Attack Patterns
Ranged (Magical Missiles)

The Fire Demon or Firey Sizzling Sausage Demon[1] is a yellow creature with wings, which only appears on the Island of Threads, in case we forgot to loot Pyrichiel for the Perdition Shield, a magical scroll protecting us from purging fire.

The corresponding sprites for this creature have been titled by the developers somewhat elusively and vaguely, such as SLFIRATT.BMP, which could be a reference to Sulfur, a flammable chemical substance, thus alluding to their fiery appearance and attacks.


  1. According to humorous description of the developers, for the corresponding sprite, found in the ADEMO.DAS archive of our ROTH installation: FIREDEM.firey sizzling sausage demon.BMP

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