The Fish is a recurring motif in the game.

Raphael's FishEdit


Upon our first journey to the Tower, after having received the Egyptian Masks from the Gnarl, we make the acquaintance of Raphael, who is amidst preparing a fish for himself over an open fireplace. While the in-game Raphael mainly serves as the guide of the Tower, he is, to some degree, inspired by the biblical archangel of the same name, whose faculty concerns all manners of healing.[1]

According to Judaism, Christianity and Islam[2], Raphael appears as a young man carrying a flask, a staff or a fish. The fish hereby represents the healing power of God and is a reference to the Book of Tobit wherein Raphael tells Tobias to catch a fish and then uses the galbladder to cure his father's blindness[3]. When Adam and Rebecca encounter him in the game for the first time, he is amidst preparing a fish for himself.



The Chalices are goblets, made from silver[4] and engraved with a fish and water design. They are specifically required in two separate locations:

  1. Hawk's Prison:
    After placing all seven Serpent Serpent Statuettes in front of the Sarcophagus inside the Study and just before entering the large room where Hawk is imprisoned, we'll come across a hallway with two fountains and Chalices on either side, guarded by two GreenCreature green creatures. Filling them with water and using them on the doors inside Hawk's Prison allows us to pick up Aelf's Dagger.
  2. Arqua:
    Before concerning ourselves with the actual riddle of Arqua surrounding the fashioning of the four elements in their absolute state, we'll have to retrieve a Chalice from a surreal stair maze and fill it with the magically charged water from the central fountain in order to deactivate the shimmering gates that block our entrance to the four Element Rooms.

Hawk's PrisonEdit

The door, behind which we find Aelf's Dagger, bears a fish design.


In Raquia we find various ponds and fountains, ornamented with fish statues made from marble.


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