with Red Powder


The Flask with Red Powder is one of the items that are necessary to solve the riddle in Arqua. It's a metallic flask (though the sprite looks more like a bowl), containing a fine red powder which Rebecca attests a great magical quality to. Combining it with the BowlPowder Black Powder, the two substances serve as chemical catalysts for each other and result in Snow Snow, representative of the Water Water element.


Adam: Metal flask. There's a fine red powder inside.
Rebecca: Keep it close Adam. It's very magical.


Being fairly inexperienced in the broad field of Chemistry, I was trying to do some research and identify the two substances that Adam and Rebecca use to make artificial snow. One of the methods I came across makes use of a chemical substance called sodium polyacrylate, as detailed by Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph. D. in her article How to Make Fake Snow. Additionally, Steve Ritter elaborates on a number of methods for simulating snow in his article Artificial Snow. It's all not entirely satisfying, but it's a start; and if any of you out there are equipped with a greater expertise in chemistry than myself, feel free to share your enlightening theories and speculations as to the nature of these two elusive powders. For now, we cannot but discard them as merely fictional, though magical substances.


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