30px-Gnome-speakernotes Flintlock

The Flintlock is one of the valuable weapons in our arsenal. Once it's power meter is fully charged, which takes a few seconds, the gun launches a powerful explosive projectile.

The Flintlock can be found in a large room, filled with bones and surrounded by an elevated gallery. This chamber can be entered via one of the Mansion's courtyards and lies to the left side of the great chained iron gate.

The Flintlock is protected by a SPITHIT4 Spite roaming around the room and after taking the weapon from its rack in the alcove, several of Shadow Belial's Shadows appear to obliterate us.

This weapon resembles a wide-barrelled Blunderbuss or a 19th century Grenade Launcher,[1] while the PC Format #65 feature on Realms of the Haunting calls it a "17th century French cavalry flintick".[2]


Adam: Flintlock. Some sort of... gun?



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