The French Magician is a person that Florentine mentions in one of his Journal entries, dated March 15, 1330. Herein, he refers to a fragmentary manuscript which he has had sent to his York Library from France, apparently part of a larger written work and detailing the Tower expeditions of a French magician from the 13th century. Following is the excerpt that Florentine quotes in his Journal:

At first the dark and within; I heard the fetid laughter of the souls of the Ire. It came at once upon me like a storm charged with rage and gibberous song; hypnotising and calling for sweet perdition. I ran for I knew the tales of this forgotten place. I ran and stumbled upon the cracked pave of the Tower but it was always there, here and beyond, there and always, its face looming from the shadowy depths. From whence and where did this thing come? I knew as I fell upon the cold stone, the face of death smiling down...

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