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Portrayed by
Kim Durham
Voiced by
(GermanyFlag)Klaus Manderscheid
(FranceFlag) Alain Debray
(ItalyFlag) Enricho Verdecchia
(SpainFlag)Antonio Matilla

Gaul is a product of the Soulstone, intended to serve as the new Host for the Power of Darkness. He, thus, constitutes the immediate antithesis of Hawk. There are no explicit mentions of Gaul in Florentine's Journal, though three of the walls in his ancient Cottage have agitated writings somehow burned into them, referencing both Hawk and Gaul.

In the physical world, Gaul appears as a man in a grey coat and a black hat. His character is associated with various playing devices, specifically the Dice2 Die which we find in a small locker in the House - probably put there by Gaul as a "playful" pun for Adam - and his Deck of Cards, containing the AceOfSpades Ace of Spades he leaves by the front door of the Mansion, as well as the QueenOfHearts Queen of Hearts and the Joker Joker we see during the Gathering. During the Gathering in the Chamber of the Soulstone, Hawk picks up a Joker from the floor and says to Gaul that the Fool's hand is a "dead man's hand," an idiomatic expression used in card playing.[2]

In the Eye of the Beast cutscene where Gaul claims one of the green crystals which allow entrance into the Realm of Sheol, he quite obviously limps. This might be a reference to the Devil with the mark of the cloven hoof who after having been expelled from Heaven started to limp. Gaul is supposed to be the new host for the Power of Darkness.
His defective walk might also allude to his name which is of German origin and describes a bad, old or incapable horse. Curiously, both Gaul and Hawk, then, are named after animals. As seen in an early cutscene, Gaul is able to create Wards. In the movie clip titled Eye of the Beast Gaul - 'Coming Events... we witness him sealing the main entrance of the Mansion, which is why Adam cannot leave it. Wouldn't it be a twisted but somehow funny notion to presume that he was actually the Taxi Driver who delivered Adam to the house?


Discussing Gaul

Adam: We've seen Gaul twice now.
Rebecca: Three times. You also saw him in the Mausoleum. Remember the visions you had when you were Branded?

Gaul and the Temple

Adam: Gaul said something in the Temple. Do you remember?
Rebecca: I remember clearly. He said; 'By the Seven be bound, by the Seven to come; the Power of One, thy will be done.'
Adam: Prophetic words.

Gaul and the Crystals

Adam: Gaul took one of the green crystals in the Temple. Why? For what reason?
Rebecca: Whatever the reason, I'll bet it's important.

Reflecting on Gaul

Adam: Gaul. I wonder what his role is in all of this? And what's he doing with that green crystal he took from the Temple? Weird. Strange eyes. Nice hat. Judging by the card I've a feeling he's looking for me.



  1. Upon encountering Abaddon in front of the Gates of Sheol, Adam and Rebecca inquire if anyone entered through the gate recently. Abaddon says, that three have passed him whose signatures were 'abandon' (Gaul), 'lie' (Belial), and 'hope' (Hawk).
  2. The Wikipedia entry describes the Dead Man's Hand "as a two-pair poker hand consisting of the black aces and black eights. Along with an unknown hole card, these were the cards reportedly held by Old West folk hero, lawman and gunfighter, Wild Bill Hickok when he was murdered. The earliest detailed reference to the "dead man's hand" was 1886, where it was described as a "full house consisting of three jacks and a pair of tens". Jacks and sevens are called the 'dead man's hand' in the 1903 Encyclopaedia of Superstitions, Folklore, and the Occult Sciences Edmond Hoyle references the Dead Man's Hand as "Jacks and eights" in 1907.