Gerd Braese
Gerd Braese - Wie Immer - Kurzfilm 1982
Birth Date
Film Actor
Theatre Actor
Voice Actor
Realms of the Haunting
Charles Randall

Gerd Braese is a deceased[1][2] German actor and musician, credited in Realms of the Haunting as the voice of Charles Randall.

Apart from his involvement in the localisation of the 1996 video game by Gremlin Interactive, Gerd has been mainly active as a film and theatre actor, having appeared in productions like the Oristeia, a stage play by ancient Greek writer Aeschylus, as well as the German adaptation of Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen's En Folkefiende.


  • Ein Volksfeind (1977)[3]
  • Das Fünfte Gebot oder: Verdammt bis in den Tod (1978)
  • Wie Immer (1982)[4]
  • Zwei ausgeflippte Omas oder: Marianne und Sophie (1983)[5]
  • Die Freitreppe (1987)
  • Oristie (1988)[6]
  • Tucholsky First Class! (1998)[7]




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