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Hawk's Prison
Chapter VII: Beyond the Gate
Chapter XI: Captive Angel
Chalice Chalice
DragonSword Eternity
AelfsDagger Aelf's Dagger

GreenCreature 2 Agi

Hawk's Prison is an area which can be accessed after having acquired and placed all seven Serpent Serpent Statuettes in front of the Sarcophagus inside the Study. The Egyptian receptacle will open up and reveal a brick-built corridor leading to a spacious circular hall whose floor is covered with a large clock. If we think back to our first examination of the Study, we remember that the grandfather clock would chime and open up at six o'clock. Hence we reproduce this particular time setting by using the two levers that can be found when ascending the small staircase on one side of the room. This will open up the portal on the opposite side. Be wary that falsely configuring the clock will spawn a 1YWK major Yielder.

Further examining the clock hall, we notice the pronounced smell of sulphur, like something's been burning. Our attention is then grabbed by the magnificent murals, depicting various knights who protect themselves from fire-breathing dragons by using their shields. It's a valuable hint which prompts us to equip the DragonShield Dragon Shield before we proceed on our way, as the door that opened up after setting the clock will shoot fire balls at us. When examining the trap beforehand, Adam will actually comment on the black colour around the dragon's mouth from which the fire balls will originate. As an additional bit of help implemented by the developers, the following voice message will be triggered after having set the correct time:

The hands are set; the door to thee, is open wide who holds the key. Shield your heart from purging fire, regard the Knight who's mean is higher.

Proceeding through a corridor lined with marble walls[1], the smell of sulphur intensifies and we soon find ourselves confronted with a new type of enemy, a duo of green creatures GreenCreature with two heads, one of which roams around a glowing fountain of magical water on either side of the corridor, in the vicinity of which we discover two Chalice silver goblets with aquatic detail.

Rebecca: There's a great power present here Adam. Present... in the mosaic. It's focused... like an occult Seal.

We eventually come into a large chamber, characterised by the pools of lava seething underneath the narrow pathway. Stepping onto the MOSAIC large mosaic of a chained angel in the centre, we're once again contacted by the disembodied voice of Hawk who had already beseeched us inside the crypt preceding the Caverns:
Eye of the Beast Hawk - Captive Angel
Eye of the Beast Hawk - Origins
Eye of the Beast Hawk - Jailers
Eye of the Beast Hawk - Key of Tears
In order to free him, we must locate the Key of Tears, so named for the grief and desolation it symbolizes. He asks us to go to the Tower and walk with the spirits (an implication for our next destination: Raquia, which is also referred to as the Realm of Spirit).

To either side of the room we find an oddly designed metal door ANDOOR1.door to dag rm featuring the depiction of a fish with an aperture on its mouth. Equipping the Chalice and splashing some of the magical water gathered from the fountain, we're able to open it. The door to the left side of the entrance contains AelfsDagger Aelf's Dagger, after picking it up we meet Aelf again, who informs us that we hereby found one of his most treasured possessions, explaining that it's both a dedicated weapon and a key, the device to enter the Realm of Raquia, as such constituting a prerequisite for finding the above-mentioned Key of Tears:
Eye of the Beast Aelf - the Dragon Blade
Eye of the Beast Aelf - Key to Raquia
Eye of the Beast Dedication
Eye of the Beast Aelf - Death of a Knight

Our leaving of this place is impeded by the appearance of nasty Belial, dressed in a doctor's attire, who demands the Shriveb Shrive from us. In order to hold the artefact, he puts on a set of gloves made from skin he apparently ripped off from the hands of someone who had the same marks as Adam. Fortunately, by giving the new blade weapon we've just acquired a shot, we're able to put him to flight for the time being, burning half of his face off in the process. Our exploration of this place ends for now, as we initiate Chapter VIII: Mark of the Beast and return to the Study in search of a portal to Raquia. On our way back we're attacked by a task force of 3 Shadow Shadows and 3 ICONWLK1 Icons out to foil our plans.

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