Rebecca: Being a knight of the ancient world Aelf would be tied to his equipment with a bond stronger than word.

The Holy Relics are the treasured pieces of equipment belonging to Aelf, last of the Order of the Falshire Knights, providing a link between him and Adam throughout the game. They are hidden in various parts of Heled, and aid us in various ways, either as valuable additions to our arsenal or by serving as mandatory passports to enter the other Realms.

Aelf's DaggerEdit

16th C. South Indian Deccan Bikaner All Steel Chilanum Khanjarli Dagger

Aelf's Dagger (also referred to as the Dragon Blade in the video playback menu) is one of the Holy Relics, one of the most treasured possessions of Aelf, and the key to Raquia. It's actually used as a ranged weapon, shooting a powerful magical flash whose potency increases exponentially to the number of recharges, as visualized by the six cross symbols on the top segment of the HUD.

The origins of this thrusting weapon are not clear, though Rebecca speculates it could be Indian. Apart from her vague estimation, Aelf's Dagger shows similarities to the Jambiya, a short curved blade of Arabian origin, as well as the Kris, a rippled though slightly slimmer type of blade, indigenous to Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Southern Thailand and the southern Philippines.

Inspired by Rebecca's comment on the design, I did some more research into the Indian and Persian varieties of daggers, and came across this Deccan Bikaner All Steel Chilanum Khanjarli Dagger from the 16th century, which to my humble estimation closely resembles Aelf's weapon. The dagger features intriguing chiseling and detail, and spans 18 inches in total, while the blade itself is 12 inches long. The image on the right side is courtesy of Arms and Antiques.

Aelf's BreastplateEdit


Aelf's Breastplate can be found in the dark room that Adam and Rebecca come through just before going up the stairs to Florentine's Observatory.

According to Aelf, the Cuirass, consisting of boiled leather and plate, "will prove sovereign against both spear and dagger; against the ungodly, it will shield the heart and ward the soul."[1]

Adam: Aelf's breastplate, his cuirass. Makes me feel somehow... I'm not sure. I feel ready to take on anything.
Rebecca: Not surprising. The cuirass is inhued [sic, imbued] with Aelf's courage. Part of whatever constitutes his spirit has been passed on to you.

Aelf's HelmEdit


Aelf's Helm can be found inside the Lady Chapel of St. Michael's.

Adam: So the Dragon's helm's our ticket to enter Arqua.
Rebecca: It's also very magical.
Adam: Your [sic] not kidding. My thoughts... they've become so clear.
Rebecca: In tune with your surroundings? You should be, the power of the helm's altering you, it's tuning into your psyche, fashioning and molding it.
Adam: But for what? Why is it doing all of this?
Rebecca: Now that Adam, is something we'll just have to wait for.



Eternity (also called Sword of the Dragon) is a powerful, magically charged sword which belongs to Aelf. It is connected with the Shrive, and both together serve as the key to the Soulstone (as Hawk puts it). Only those who have been marked, that is branded with the symbol of the Shrive, may touch the sword. Centuries ago, Florentine took the sword from the Soulstone and thus performed the first step in unsettling the balance of the universe.

Rebecca: Eternity, the Dragon Sword, taken from the Soulstone by Florentine all those years ago. The single act that began everything.
Adam: On our last meeting, Aelf told us to take the Dragon sword Eternity to Sheol - to the Chamber of the Soulstone.
Rebecca: I've got a feeling that's not going to be as easy as it sounds.

Adam: At last... Eternity. This is why I've been brought here. Everything has been leading to this. The sword of Florentine's dreams; the Sword of the Dragon. I can feel its power... its energy. It's part of me. But there's another. I can feel their energy, connecting with mine... and the swords. Who can it be? So close.


Adam: The Holy Relics Aelf uses to contact us. We've found one, the breastplate. Anything?
Rebecca: He may be dead but the bond still exists between Aelf and his possessions. That will never die.
Adam: Magic? Ancient magic maybe?
Rebecca: Perhaps. But don't quote me on that. I'm not sure. Maybe no magic at all, just honorable word, word that cannot be broken.


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