Kevin Dudley
Birth Date
February 24 1972

Kevin Dudley (born February 24 1972) is a British programmer and member of the Realms of the Haunting development crew, credited for creating the installation routines for the game.

Kevin's first role as a professional programmer occurred during the development of a 1991 Atari ST game called The Shoe People, where he "assisted with the conversion from Commodore Amiga by writing the graphics routines for the Amiga ST."[1]

After that, Kevin went on to programme the introduction sequence for Space Crusade, the 1992 computer game conversion of the eponymous board game. The first full project he realized by himself, including graphics, audio, user interface and game logic, was Hero Quest II in 1994 for the Amiga and CD32 systems. Later on, Kevin assisted in the programming of various sports titles such as Actua Soccer (1995, 1997, 1998), Premier Manager (1998, 1999), PGA European Tour Golf (2000) and Slam Tennis (2002).

According to his Mobygames developer's sheet, Kevin has also been involved in the following video game productions, mainly for Gremlin Interactive, the team behind Realms of the Haunting:

  • VR Soccer '96 (1995)
  • Sandwarriors (1997)
  • Actua Soccer 2 (1997)
  • Actua Tennis (1998)




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