On this page, we shall have a closer look at the various kinds of Keys, both at the mundane and materialistic manifestations, but also at the spiritual and figurative kinds of Keys that we come across upon our journey through the Realms of the Haunting.

Aelf's DaggerEdit

Eye of the Beast Aelf - the Dragon Blade

Aelf: It is both a dedicated weapon and a key.

Precisely, a key, or rather passport for us to gain access to the Realm of Raquia.

Egyptian MasksEdit

The Egyptian Masks, which we need in order to access the Tower and travel between the different realms, are referred to by the Gnarl as a "key to Time and Reality", during our conversation in the Gnarl's Domain.

Key of TearsEdit

Raysiel: The material key is merely a vessel; as the body carries the soul, the key carries the essence, and power of freedom.

Mundane KeysEdit

Study Key.
Stored in a niche behind the sarcophagus painting at the end of the hallway where you will also find the Study.
Lever Key.
Made from iron. Found inside a room in the Mausoleum, where we hear the unsettling sounds of a weeping woman and a beating heart; used for entering the section leading to the Shrive and Staff.
Outhouse Key.
Found in a water basin in one of the house's courtyards, Memory's Garden. Used for opening the room containing the rune guide.
Tiny Room Key.
Found inside the small chapel in the house when putting one of the serpent statuettes on the platform. Used for entering a small room in the basement containing a lever which summons a demon.
Florentine's Wardrobe Key.
Found inside Florentine's journal. Used for opening the small locker inside one of the rooms of the Observatory. Contains another serpent statuette.
Coloured Key.
Received upon solving the puzzle with the coloured gems inside Raysiel's Tower. Used for retrieving the Coloured Gem from inside the Nightingale Floor Room.
Ladies Chamber Key.
Found inside the bell tower of St. Michael's. Used to open the room where Adam finds Aelf's Helm.
Refrigerator Key.
Found in the refrigerator in the kitchen of Charles Randall's vicarage. Used for entering the bedroom which lies next to the bathroom with the large mirror.
Cupboard Key.
Found in Charles Randall's vicarage inside the commode in the bedroom with the pentagram-plastered walls. Used for opening the small door inside the room with the two robes on the hanger.
Vicarage Wardrobe Key.
The key that you find inside the niche mentioned just before. Used for opening the door left of the entrance of the vicarage.
Tree Key.
Found inside the Laboratory in the basement of the Vicarage. Used for opening the ornate tree door in the wine cellar.
Silver Key.
Receive from the floating Siren figure inside one of the rooms that are part of Raysiel's riddles. Used for accessing the small Chapel inside Raysiel's Tower.
Bell Room Key.
Found inside Florentine's second Journal. Opens the door to the belfry of St. Michael's.


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