Kim Blake
Kim Blake - 2013 - Develop-Online
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Game Designer
Script Writer

Kim Blake is a game designer who has been involved in the production of the 1996 video game Realms of the Haunting by "writing dialogue and designing levels," including Arqua.[1] Most recently, Kim has been active as education liaison manager at Blitz Games Studios[2] and as a member of the UK Games Skills Council.[3]

Apart from her work on Realms of the Haunting, Kim has contributed to the following projects:

  • Captive II: Liberation (1993)
  • VR Soccer '96 (1995)
  • Fragile Allegiance (1997)
  • Actua Soccer 3 (1999)
  • Soulbringer (2000)
  • Fable III (2010)
  • Clover (2010)
  • Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (2012)

Reflecting on her experiences in the video game industry and her work on Realms of the Haunting, Kim has written an essay for the Women in Games journal, entitled A Woman in Games: A Personal Perspective, 1993 – 2010.




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