Mansion: Basement
Temple of the Morning Star
Attack Type
Attack Patterns
Melee: Axe

The Loper is a brown creature, armed with an axe, that appears in two separate locations.

Before reaching the Caverns, we explore the Basement of the House, which is filled with various crates, a PRUG1.rug room rug magical rug serving us as a temporary safety area, and a trap mechanism by which we can defeat the Lopers, considering that they are immune to our arsenal of weapons.

Secondly, after having returned from Raquia with the Key of Tears, as we find ourselves back in the Temple of the Morning Star, we're confronted with another invincible Loper.

The name of this creature is revealed to us by taking a closer look at the corresponding texture, which we can extract with the help of the XWE Editor from the ROTH/M/ADEMO.DAS folder of our ROTH installation: LOPER_C.disappearing loper.BMP


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