Dreams are a recurring concept in Realms of the Haunting and on this page we shall have a closer look at the different ways that they have been incorporated into the narrative of the game.

Shadows, the Introduction SequenceEdit

In the Introduction Movie of the game, called Eye of the Beast Shadows, Adam speaks about the dreams he has been having lately, both disturbing and mesmerizing him; dreams about the Mansion, about Gaul, the Shrive, Belial's burnt off face, and about Rebecca.

Adam: I can't explain it, but lately I've begun to dream about a house, incredibly vivid dreams. I had other dreams at that time too, just as real but not unpleasant. Quite the opposite. I was certain that I had never met her, but that she really existed, somewhere.

During that time, Adam has been contacted by a priest calling himself Elias Camber and informing him about a terrible discovery that a fellow pastor, Adam's father Charles Randall, supposedly made in a mysterious house on the outskirts of Helston. Adam tried to ignore the whole matter, but his dreams started to intensify, agonizing dreams about his suffering father.

Meeting RebeccaEdit

After Adam's return from the Mausoleum, he makes the acquaintance of Rebecca Trevisard, who introduces herself with this suggestive line:

Eye of the Beast Dreams are a curious thing, aren't they?

Adam cannot but agree, as Rebecca is infact the woman that he has been seeing in his dreams, along with the more disturbing precognition of the Mansion.

Lucid DreamsEdit

Lucid Dreams is one of the concepts that we can talk to Rebecca about when we first make her acquaintance in the Mansion's Study, after successfully manoeuvring through the inhospitable grounds of the Mausoleum.

Rebecca: In Lucid Dreams, the dreamer is aware of dreaming and can decide whether to continue the dream or end it - so the dreamer essentially manipulates the dream.

Elaborating some more on the subject, the term Lucid Dream was coined by Dutch author and psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden in his 1913 article A Study of Dreams, though the concept has certainly been reflected prior to his detailed observations, such as in the works and practices of Aristotle, Galen of Pergamon - who used lucid dreaming as a therapeutical approach - and Sir Thomas Browne.

Generally, while having a lucid dream, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment.

The GatheringEdit

During the final cutscene in the Chamber of the Soulstone, Eye of the Beast Endgame - Keeper of Eternity, Rebecca bids Adam farewell with the following line:

Rebecca: I'll be there, in the dreams.

Florentine's JournalEdit

In his Journal, Florentine grants a fair amount of room to the description of his dreams, which in many cases include the Sword of the Dragon.

Entry 18th October, 1673 ad.Edit

I dreamt last night of the Sword. Methinks it bears more significance than I originally thought. Certainly, Belial knows more than he is letting on.

Entry 31st of October, 1673 ad.Edit

My dreams of the Sword continue. I feel myself lost in thought on the subject.

Entry, 1st of October 1783 ad.Edit

My dreams of the Sword have remained. Last even, I dreamt of a place - a castle of - a spirit place - where it lay guarded from me. Despite my dream efforts, the Sword remained unattainable.

Entry, 2nd of October 1783 ad.Edit

Last night in my dreams I touched the Sword and immediately found myself at the Soulstone. Abaddon was there. Quite unexpectedly he told me that someone would come; someone who would take his place as Keeper of the Seals. And another, born from the Tree of Life - someone who wield the Sword for me in the last Ceremony - that or destroy utterly our efforts.

Entry, 29th August, 1912 ad.Edit

The dreams of the Sword have returned yet again. This time my love is connected with them. She was in the Chamber with a stranger and the Sword. Together. I could not tell who held the Sword aloft - standing as they were between the Soulstone and myself. She wore a face of anguish.

Entry, 3rd July, 1929 ad.Edit

The strange man visited my dreams again last even. This time his face was revealed to me. In some way he is - or will be - connected to the Church in the village. Could he be the one who will wield the sword in the Last Rite?

Discussing Florentine's Dreams with RebeccaEdit

Adam: Dreams are more significant than I imagined.
Rebecca: Most dreams are. Florentine dreams about a sword and a place where it was guarded from him. He goes on further.
Adam: Go on.
Rebecca: Look, how about reading the Journal yourself for a change.
Adam: I will if you can tear yourself away from it for five minutes!
Rebecca: Well! Perhaps you'd rather I left you to it?
Adam: Rebecca. Just give me the damn book.

Traveller's Account of the RealmsEdit

One of the Parchments that we find inside Florentine's Library relates the travels of an unknown person through the realm of Raquia and his discovery of Raysiel's Tower.

It is the place of Spirit and is ruled over by the power of the Jailer. In my dream I came at once upon a tall stone tower where there dwelt the Power who reigns over incarceration.

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