Magnifying Glass

The Magnifiying Glass is an item found in two separate locations and designated with various purposes.

Florentine's Cottage and ObservatoryEdit

From the small bureau in Florentine's Cottage study (the room with the blood-red wallpaper), we gather an exquisitely worked exemplar that has no practical use though. The official Interplay walkthrough[1] states that this particular magnifying glass could be used for solving the riddle in Arqua, specifically for unveiling the hidden inscriptions on the tiles inside the element rooms, yet all belongings (except for the Egyptian Masks) will be removed from the inventory upon entering Arqua.


From the surreal stair maze in Arqua we gather another Magnifying Glass that's used for reading the initially hidden inscriptions (Blow, Bong, Burn, Grind) on the tiles in the element rooms. It partially consists of gold, but has no inherent magical qualities.


Adam: This's exquisite. Look at the work around the glass.
Rebecca: I'd say it was French, if it wasn't for the peculiar design.

Adam: Magnifying Glass. Gold?
Rebecca: Definitely. No inherent magical qualities though.


  1. Official Interplay Walkthrough:
    "The Fire Room: In this room two visible niches contain Flint and some Steel (allowing you to strike a spark). What is missing is tinder. If you inspect the apparently blank corner very carefully (using the magnifying glass from Florentine's study), you will find a miniature scarlet tile with the word BURN inscribed in gold. If Adam says "Burn" out loud, the hidden niche appears, containing tinder."

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