Map of the House
Map of the House Location

The Map of the House displays Florentine's[1] hand-drawn efforts of charting the labyrinthical confines of the Mansion in Helston.

The Map can be found by re-visiting the dark corridor by the open window with the large foot prints on the floor and taking the second door on the left. Its initial green pentagrammic ward ARCANEW1.ward in house will disappear after finishing the Mausoleum, though opening the door also requires us to move the chest inside the nearby Dormitory. Once inside the locker room, we press the small, differently coloured panel on the floor, allowing us to access a second, smaller storeroom which contains the Map.


Adam: A map. But of where?
Rebecca: Looks old and faded.


  1. As implied by the signature CF in the lower left-hand corner.

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