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On this page are gathered all the maps that can be found in the game. Please note that the maps make use of the brilliant imageMapHighlighter script by MediaWiki user קיפודנחש and a slight modification added by Cornucopia , which allows for highlighting certain areas of an image. Feel free to mouse over the maps in order to receive information on the particularities of certain areas and rooms, such as item locations, enemy encounters, symbol meanings.

Map of the HouseEdit

Door with unbreakable wardFlorentine's Library (Items: Complete Map of the Tower, 3 Parchments, Quill & Ink, 1 Health Potion)Weapon: FlintlockItem: Quartz Statuette, required to access Florentine's LibraryRune GuideGreen Sphere which serves as a portal to the Gnarl (Green Crystal required)Study (Items: Sword, Dragon Shield, 4 Letters, 5 Serpent Statuettes, 3 Masks)Dormitory (Health Potion and a movable chest which opens the adjacent door)Armoury (Items: Incomplete Map of the Tower, 6 Shotgun Shells)Memory's GardenThis door can be opened by using the small Quartz Statuette. Follow the trail of dead rats to find the Temple of the Morning Star and subsequently, the portal to RaquiaBasement area preceding the Caverns, 4 Lopers roaming around, magical protective carpet, the little room contains 1 Health Potion and some ammunitionZone Marker in the basement area preceding the Caverns, used to crush the Lopers/Axe DemonsChapel with Tiny Room Key (1 Serpent Statue required)Map-House
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Map of the Graveyard MazeEdit

The whirlwind symbol may be considered a hint to the secret shortcut which you can take advantage of: using the Egyptian Masks on the plain area just before entering the Graveyard Maze will instantly take you to the TowerSecret EntranceMain EntranceMap-GraveyardMaze
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