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Marc Finn
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Marc Finn (*1951/52[1]) is a British actor. In Realms of the Haunting, he portrays Claude Florentine. In 1997, he worked again with several members of the game's production team, including director Alan Coltman, sound designer Darren Lambourne and SFX creator Darren Mills, on a videogame called Judge Dredd, taking on the role of Chief Judge.

Between 1998-2004, he spoke the role of Greg Turner in the long-term BBC Radio 4 programme The Archers which he had listened to since he was a young child[2]. More recently, Marc has appeared as Geoff Hamilton in the British TV series Inspector Banks,[3] and in two episodes of the 2014 TV production The Village, playing the role of Andrew the Gamekeeper.[4]

Finn is married to English actress Anne-Marie Francis and father of two daughters Cassandra May Jones and Daisy Jones.