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Mark Byron
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Commercial, Promo, Corporate, Voiceover, Documentaries, Continuity, IVRs, Writer

Mark Byron is a British ex-athlete[1] turned actor who originally hails from Newcastle, England, and has studied his art at the renowned Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, a biographical feature he shares with his acting fellow David Learner.[2]

Apart from his portrayal of Hawk in Realms of the Haunting, he has appeared in several TV productions such as Casualty,[3] Sir Gadabout: The Worst Knight in the Land,[4] and Steel River Blues[5].[6]

Additionally, he has been active in narrating several TV documentaries, such as Bad Boy Racers and Fighting the War.[7]

In 2014, Mark starred in the drama film Reality Check by German directrice Stephanie Pedros, in which "a man moves to a new city and has to figure out if it is more important to live his own life or someone else's dream."[8]