Mirrors appear throughout the game in various instances, both in a metaphorical sense and as physical objects.

Heled: The MansionEdit

Moving up the blue-carpeted staircase to the left side of the corridor with the Study, our path prematurely ends in front of a mirror, revealing a reflection of our despondent and rain-soaked self. Beholding his worn-out and despondent reflection, Adam will cynically say "Mirror, mirror on the wall," which itself is a loose citation from Snow White, a 19th century fairy tale written by German Brothers Grimm, in which the Evil Queen's daily routine consists in asking her Magical Mirror the following question:

Mirror - Mansion

Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?

Once we've made Rebecca's acquaintance, the mirror's main function appears to be triggering a handful of sneaky and humorous remarks.

Adam: Cracked.
Rebecca: Maybe it saw you coming.

Adam: Hmm. Looking good.
Rebecca: If you could possibly tear yourself away Adam, we've got business remember?

Heled: The Vicarage of Charles RandallEdit

Mirror - Vicarage Kitchen

Mirror in Kitchen Pantry

Inside the Vicarage, there's an old kitchen. Through one of the doors we can access a small dark pantry of sorts, whose floor is covered with a lot of debris. For some reason, there's a large mirror on one of its walls.

Roth 1653

Mirror in Bathroom

Exploring more of the Vicarage, we also reach a bathroom whose wall is covered by a large, ceiling-high mirror.

Sheol: Halls of DoppelgangisEdit

The Halls of Doppelgangis is the area that we access after the tedious trial of the Brain Maze, having collected all sixteen brains and defeated Vine. It constitutes the second test to the Key of the Abyss and is also referred to as Judgement Level in the official Interplay walkthrough.[1]

Upon entering this place for the first time, after the revelatory encounter with Florentine and Rebecca at the Gates of Sheol, Adam encounters a reflection of himself sitting on a throne and declaring that,

Goodness reflects the light; and evil bears the seed of all darkness. Choose well.

Adam furthermore meets (the real) Abaddon again who is held prisoner by Florentine by means of a red light. Abaddon informs Adam that he is guardian of the Key to the Abyss. The Key actually is not to be understood in the mundane sense of the word, i. e. denoting a physical item, but consists of three tests which Adam has to take separately in order to gain access to the Chamber of the Soulstone.

Mirror - Halls of Doppelgangis

The challenge of this place consists in walking around the chamber's perimeter and breaking a series of mirrors, without directly looking into them. Otherwise, an enemy VINWLK1 will be triggered which can only be defeated by shooting at its reflection in the mirror. After having completed this second stage of the Key to the Abyss, the throne will be lowered, allowing us to proceed onwards to undertake the final trial, a rotunda of eight separate puzzles.

Sheol: Mirror MazeEdit


One of the Sheolian tests, pertaining to the acquisition of the Key to the Abyss, consists in navigating a puzzling and misleading maze full of mirrors.

Mirror of SolomonEdit The Mirror of Solomon is a mythological object, not physically encountered in the game, but alluded to in Florentine's Journal and namechecked in the timeline published by PC Format magazine.

According to these two sources, Florentine and Belial spent most of the 15th century searching for a device to halt the fires that entailed during the breaking of the second Seal and led to the destruction of the Temple of the Morning Star. In 1420, they travelled to Plymouth to set off to Israel on a merchant ship, where they intended to meet with their minions Gaziel, Fécor and Anarazel who are adept at seeking out the impossible and locating what is hidden, an otherworldly device that according to Belial may aid the Order.[2] They are eventually able to locate the elusive item in the year 1490.


  1. Official Interplay Walkthrough: "Level Two - Judgement Level: Dopplegangis [sic], major demon and Master of Flesh rules this level. Only by defeating his own reflections will the gate. [sic] Kept here in a prison of Light is Abaddon who instructs Adam to why he was brought here and what to expect in the Last Battle at the Chamber of the Soulstone."
  2. Florentine's Journal: Entry, the evening of the 13th of January, 1420 ad. Temple Cottage.