Nightingale Floor

The Nightingale Floor (as identified by Rebecca) can be found in one of the rooms in Raysiel's Tower and is part of the puzzles pertaining to the acquisition of the Key of Tears.

In order to traverse the floor safely, we need to wear the Armlet Silver Armlet from the Ice Room. Otherwise, we will produce squeaking noises and set off a hazardous defense mechanism, shooting us with damaging missiles.

In Japan, this type of floor is called 鴬張り uguisubari, designed to make a chirping sound when walked upon and frequently used in the hallways of some Japanese temples and palaces as a security device, assuring that no one could sneak through the corridors undetected.


Adam: The floor chimes when we stand on it.
Rebecca: I believe it's a Nightingale floor. Different boards make a different tone. Japanese.

References Edit

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