Nik Hull
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Makeup Artist
Special Effects

Nik Hull is a British makeup artist currently working for N-FX. Together with Abigail Graves, Judith Crowe and Mark Bedford, he was responsible for realizing the makeup design and effects on the 1996 video game Realms of the Haunting. Additionally, Nik has been involved in Judge Dredd (1997) and Hardwar (1998), as well as several British shorts and film productions such as A Room for Romeo Brass (1999), Once Upon a Time in the Midlands (2002), The Bricklayer (2015), and The End (2013).[1] [2]




  1. Nottingham Live Feature on the 2013 short The End: Luckily for Raj and Crash they were able to call up the talents of Nik Hull at N-FX. “Nik is a genius, we gave him the script and enough said”.
  2. Nottingham Post feature on The End: Being a zombie film, convincing special effects are essential. Can you tell us about the people involved in that? "Nik Hull and his team from N-FX are the incredible people responsible. Crash and I both met Nik on separate occasions at networking events. One chat with Nik was all it took, as it’s a genre he’s very fond of. The film also features a prosthetic hand and arm, which was sculpted for the film by Darren Nevin."

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