On this page, we want to speculate on the significance of certain Numbers that have a recurring appearance in the game.


  • 6 o'clock (Grandfather's Clock in the Study, Floor Clock beyond the Sarcophagus, Kitchen Clock in the Vicarage)


  • Seven Seals
  • Seven Serpent Statuettes are required to open the Sarcophagus in the Study
  • Eye of the Beast Gaul - the Temple By the Seven by bound
  • Raquia: Room of Riddles has Seven Chambers
  • Seven Gems are used to solve the colourful riddle in the small Chapel in Raysiel's Tower
  • Island of Threads: The green dome is encircled by a formation of seven rocks which appear to be melted off, reminiscent of the game's Intro Sequence, in which we apparently bear witness to the creation of this place.
  • The News Cutting we find between the pages of the Scrapbook reports about the appearance of Seven Crop Circles in Helston.


  • 16 Brains in Sheol


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