Opticals of
True Sight


The Opticals of True Sight (as referred to in the official Interplay walkthrough[1]), a pair of curious spectacles characterised by the rippled frame and rainbow-coloured glasses, are one of the items that are necessary to solve the riddles surrounding the acquisition of the Key of Tears from inside Raysiel's Tower.

The glasses are imbued with a sight-related magic and are used for spotting trip wires, specifically the initially hidden security beams in the Library Room.

In order to enter the Music Room and thus obtain the spectacles, we first have to retrieve a set of Pan Pipes from inside the Raquia Maze, allowing us to play the little fanfare whose notes are carved into the wooden door.


Adam: Pair of spectacles.
Rebecca: There's magic woven into them. Something to do with sight.

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  1. Official Interplay walkthrough:
    "Play the pipes to open the door to the Music Room. Enter the room and take the oil flask for oiling the doors to the next couple of locations and also the 'Opticals of True Sight" to spot the trip wires connected to the piles of books."

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