Paper Fan


The Paper Fan is one of the items that are necessary to solve the riddle in Arqua, and representative of the Wind Air element. The Fan is used to blow some wind at the nearby tile, revealing a secret alcove that contains a Burn piece of parchment for enkindling a fire.

According to Adam's estimation, the Fan appears to be of Oriental origin, while Rebecca emphasizes the item's Yin and Yang design, which is a concept usually associated with Chinese philosophy though, describing how contrary or opposite forces are often actually interconnected with or complementing each other. The Chinese expression 陰陽 (yīnyáng) literally means "dark—bright", and as such represents all the manifold dualities that exist in our world, like Good and Evil, Fire and Water, Woman and Man, Body and Soul.


Adam: Paper fan. Oriental.
Rebecca: The design's the Yin and Yang.


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