Paris is the capital and most populous city of France, situated on the river Seine in the north of the country.

In Realms of the Haunting, by taking a closer a look at the various documents we find upon our journey, we find that are some references to this city:


From the scented letters that we happen upon while inspecting the Mansion's Study, we learn that Rebecca has been dwelling in Paris around the years 1929 and 1930, specifically the (apparently fictional) 17 Rue de la Lenygoigne [sp?], by taking into account the address headers on the first and second letter. Frequenting the Bibliothèque Nationale in search of manuscripts and books (for Florentine[1]), she also made the friendly aquaintance of a certain Jean-Paul, a librarian, who died by a fatal accident in 1930, as related in the second letter.[2]


  1. "The books and manuscripts that you require I have located within the Bibliotheque Nationale here in Paris. Their records are vast. You should see them Claude, it is staggering. I have made friends with one of the librarians Jean-Paul and he has promised to let me see what you require."
  2. I have the books and manuscripts in my possession although poor Jean-Paul is dead. A fatal accident.

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