Adam RandallCharles RandallRebecca TrevisardAelfRaphaelHawk
Portrayed by
Roger Franke
Voiced by
(GermanyFlag) Unknown
(FranceFlag) Nicholas Mead
(ItalyFlag) Angelo Cola
(SpainFlag) Enrique Suárez

Pelador is a deceased member of a military order called Falshire Knights, led by Aelf and erased in a battle against an army of rogue Templars led by Claude Florentine.

As seen in the cutscene which is triggered upon investigating the OldKnightHelm Old Knight's Helm in the Mansion's Gallery, Eye of the Beast Fall of Angels, we bear witness to his passing. A sign of his high esteem towards Aelf, he refers to him as "sire", a title which during the Middle Ages was used to address a superior, a person of importance or in a position of authority or the nobility in general.


  • Unfortunately, the German voice actor of Pelador has not been listed in the credits. In the Spanish localization of the game, Enrique Suárez has lent his voice to both Pelador and Hawk.


Pelador: My Lord, they have taken the Site.
Aelf: Save your strength. What of the Stone?
Pelador: It is theirs, Sire. Baron Urien went down under the French horses. I saw his Banner burning from the hill.
Aelf: Then it is time. How stand the Associates?
Unnamed Falshire Knight: They are ready my lord.
Pelador: My Lord, Oh would that it was I who took the honour of leading the assault.
Aelf: Only I can lead the Associates Pelador. They are not of this place. Remember, their command is mine and mine alone, such is the Law. But you my friend, you shall ride by my side if you so desire.
Pelador (passes away with a faint smile upon his face)
Aelf: Then give the word; the Stone shall not be theirs. By my Blood. The army rides.


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