Rebecca's Pendant
Rebecca Trevisard

The Pendant is an ornate amulet belonging to Rebecca Trevisard. Aelf refers to her as the 'open eye', and this can be attributed to the magical capacities of the pendant. Its design is reminiscent of the Egyptian Eye of Horus, and in the letters we find in the Mansion's Study, the amulet is referred to as Third Periapt of the Assembly. By touching the pendant that she is usually wearing around her neck, Rebecca is able to both bear witness to and telegraph external events to other people:

  • In the Eye of the Beast cutscene which displays Adam's and Rebecca's first meeting after his return from the Mausoleum, we see her looking at the pendant.
  • Additionally, when talking about Gaul, Rebecca comments how Adam had a vision of him when sitting on the throne and receiving the brands in the Mausoleum.
  • When Gaul seals the main entrance of the house and leaves the Ace of Spades card on the ground while Rebecca and Adam are inside the Armoury, she grabs Adam's hand which allows him to see what she experiences mentally.
  • Similarly, this procedure allows them to make contact with Hawk, first inside the crypt leading to the Caverns, and secondly inside the Chamber beyond the Sarcophagus where he is being held prisoner.
  • When Adam returns from his tête-à-tête with the Gnarl, Rebecca informs him that she was able to witness the whole conversation through the green dome that serves as the teleporter between the Mansion and the Gnarl's Domain.

It's more than likely then, that the pendant's gem is actually a piece of the Soulstone which would also explain why she could later on travel to the Chamber of the Soulstone in Sheol, without possessing one of the necessary green crystals (Adam originally only took one of them from the altar stone in the Temple of the Morning Star, as seen in Chapter X: The Key of Tears).

As seen in the cutscene Eye of the Beast Belial - the Trap, when Adam is being imprisoned by Belial, Rebecca gives him her pendant to keep them mentally connected.

Reflecting on Rebecca's PendantEdit

Adam: Rebecca's pendant. She feels strangely close.

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