Red Effigy above
Chapter V: The Offering
Voiced by

The Red Effigy, also referred to as Watcher in the video playback menu, is the Guardian of the Caverns. In order to grant us access to Florentine's Cottage and Observatory, the creature requires the offering of a certain gem. Of the inimical Slanderers, he refers to as his "children".

Cutscenes & Conversation PathsEdit

Adam's cunning observations.Edit

Adam: Cute little thing isn't he?

Inflicting damage on the Guardian, the creature will shoot a damaging magical missile at us.Edit

Eye of the Beast Watcher - The OfferingEdit

Guardian: Who stands by the Bridge?

Eye of the Beast Watcher - DefilersEdit

Overboldly calling ourselves master of this place, we'll be attacked by various Slanderers.

Adam: It's me! Master of this place.
Guardian (laughing with amusement): You are no master not of this place, nor I. My children, remove the defilers!

Eye of the Beast Watcher - QuestionerEdit

Calling out our name and asking for the right of passage, we have to place the correct gem into the Guardian's claws.

Adam: I am Adam, Adam Randall, and I ...
Guardian: Names mean nothing to us. I ask again. Who stands by the Bridge?
Rebecca: We are those who challenge the right of passage.
Guardian: Then offer the benefaction within these hands.
Adam (apparently clueless about what to do)
Rebecca: I think he means giving an appropriate gift.

Offering the Guardian one of the Blue Crystals, the creature will damage us.Edit

Eye of the Beast Watcher - the PathEdit

Offering the Red Crystal, the creature will lower the bridge (and disappear in the process), allowing us to enter Florentine's ancient Cottage and Observatory.

Guardian: The benefaction pleases the Pact. Go: the path is open.


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