Sören Langfeld
Birth Date
Theatre Actor
Voice Actor
Realms of the Haunting

Sören Langfeld (*1961)[1] is a German actor, credited in Realms of the Haunting as the voice of Belial.

Apart from his involvement in the localisation of the 1996 video game by Gremlin Interactive, Sören has appeared, alongside his former Realms of the Haunting ally Dieter Oberholz, in the German edition of the 1998 video game Metalizer, speaking the role of Miles.[2]

In addition to his activities as a theatre actor, Sören has also provided voice work for several audio plays, including an episode of the German audio adaptation of Knight Rider.[3]


  • Der Sturz zum Gipfel (1989)[4]
  • Briefe an Franz Pawell (1990)[5]
  • Der Mann mit dem Was in dem Koffer (1990)[6]
  • Knight Rider - Eine Kleinstadt lebt gefährlich (1990)[7]
  • Das Lied vom Ahornbaum (1991)[8]
  • Autobiographie einer Leiche (1992)[9]
  • Big Bang (1992)[10]
  • Christoph Kolumbus oder Die Entdeckung Amerikas (1992)[11]
  • De hillige Jens-Dieter (1992)[12]
  • Der Betriebsdichter und die Blaue Stunde (1992)[13][14]
  • Die Katze, die ihren eigenen Pfad sucht (1992)[15]
  • Professor Bernhardi - A Comedy by Arthur Schnitzler (2006)[16]




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