The Sarcophagus is an object found in the Mansion's Study and part of a puzzle. Seven gold-leaf Serpent Serpent Statuettes are required to open the Egyptian receptacle, allowing us to access the area where Hawk is being imprisoned and subsequently, the Vicarage of Charles Randall and the Church of St. Michael where Adam's father used to practice.

The Sarcophagus, etymologically retraceable to the Ancient Greek σαρκοφάγος ‎(sarkophágos) "flesh-eating, carnivorous", recalls the design of the ancient Egyptian receptacles, which were often made of a particular kind of limestone that was thought to decompose the flesh of the corpse within.
The front lid features a frontal view of a figure closely resembling an Egyptian pharao. The sides bear depictions of the same figure in profile view as well as a staff.


The Sarcophagus, in conjunction with Florentine's Staff, can be used as a means of teleportation:
Using the Staff on the left side of the Sarcophagus will get us teleported to the Florentine's ancient Cottage. Using it on the right side of the Sarcophagus, sends us back to the area where we meet Aelf for the first time, after having inserted the Shriveb Shrive into the large door ALFDOR1.doorin anteroom inside the Mausoleum). It's a convenient shortcut, in case we've missed the Serpent Statuette that's hidden in one of the alcoves.


We could argue that opening the Sarcophagus symbolizes a kind of transition from the present reality into an otherworldly sphere where "the flow of time itself is convoluted".[1] By climbing down the ladder inside the Sarcophagus and following along a narrow stone path across a surreal, ethereal stream, we come into a bright hall whose floor is covered with a large clock. The corresponding texture description references Anubis[2], the Egyptian deity associated with afterlife and mummification. Eventually we reach the Prison of Hawk, which is filled with seething lava, and leads us to an initially closed, golden portal, whose texture description, again, includes a references to Anubis.[3] After we have freed Hawk with the Key of Tears, this door will be unlocked, allowing us to visit an old Vicarage and the Church of St. Michael, the obsolete work and living space of Adam's deceased father, Charles.

Other Sarcophagi Edit

St. Michael's Chest Tomb

Apart from the Egyptian variety in the Study, we also come across other types of Sarcophagi upon our journey through the Realms of the Haunting, most commonly in the Mausoleum and in the Church of St. Michael where they appear as burial tombs for knights and other dignitaries.

In the Mausoleum, there is one particularly emphasized chest tomb, stood up on a slightly elevated pedestal, shimmering and emanating the 30px-Gnome-speakernotes same sound when approaching tower gates. The Sarcophagus bears the following inscription, as we can clearly see on the texture, extracted with the help of the XWE Editor[4]:

Almaz Dazaar
First Priest of the Temple of the Morning Star
His voice is remembered
Chullum ashdar in derias



After returning from the Mausoleum and meeting RebeccaEdit

Adam: Sarcophagus. Egyptian.
Rebecca: Authentic too.
Adam: Won't open. I can't see any hinges or anything.
Rebecca: I tried to open it earlier. I don't think it would budge even if we both tried.

Discussing the SarcophagusEdit

Adam: The sarcophagus. Think there's anything inside? I'm not sure I want to find out. If the lid was designed to be opened like a door, then there'd be tell-tale marks on the stone. Hinges or something.
Rebecca: There's something there all-the-same. Powers, and they seem to be connected with Stasis, Movement and great distance. A sort of Runic association.

References Edit

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    Solaire of Astora in the FromSoftware videogame Dark Souls.

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