Transcription of all video and speech segments in the game.

English EditionEdit

Chapter I ShadowsEdit

In the Name of the FatherEdit

Chapter II Signs and PortentsEdit

Rebecca - 'Open Eye'Edit

Adam: I know you, don't I?
Rebecca: Hello Adam. Dreams are a curious thing aren't they?
Adam: You could say that.
Rebecca: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you.
Adam: That's all right - I'm getting used to it.
Rebecca: Maybe I can help.
Adam: Maybe you could help me? Lady, I just drove for two hours in a cab to get to a house in the middle of nowhere. I don't know why I'm here. I'm cold, I'm wet; people are trying to kill me, and to top it all off, I've just had a riveting conversation with my father and normally that would be great, except he's dead, and you think you can help me?
Rebecca: Well, if that's the way you feel.
Adam: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.
Rebecca: I know what you meant. Shall we start again?
Adam: Right.
Rebecca: I'm Rebecca Trevisard.
Adam: Pleased to meet you, Rebecca Trevisard. Adam Randall. You can read minds.
Rebecca: Read minds, psychic, call it what you will, it's a gift, and I am here to help you. And you do need help, don't you?
Adam: I don't know what I need.
Rebecca: Adam! You can't leave!
Adam: Watch me.
Rebecca: There's more to this than the fate of your father.
Adam: You didn't know my father.
Rebecca: Maybe not, but I do know this; something else is going on here, something that will affect both of us, and the answers lie in this house.
Adam: All right.

Chapter III Keeper of TimeEdit


Gnarl: The sands of Time recognize your spirit.
Adam: What does that mean?
Gnarl: There is no one here, but you and I.
Adam: And who the hell are you?
Gnarl: I am known by many names throughout Time. To you, I am known as the Gnarl.
Adam: The Gnarl? What kind of name is that?
Gnarl: starts to moan in frustration
Adam: All right, so you are known by many names through Time. What are you? Some kind of time traveler?
Gnarl: No, I am constant. It is Time that is the traveler here. I exist at all points in all realities. Trust in Time. Tell me why you have come here.
Adam: Your guess is as good as mine.
Gnarl: For a key to Time and Reality, isn't that what you seek?
Adam: A key to Time and Reality?
Gnarl: A device which allows the very fabric of the Universe to bend to your wishes. a device that will take you to other worlds. To the Tower itself boy, to the Tower.
Adam: Hey relax! What Tower?
Gnarl: The place between and beyond. The Tower connects all Worlds together.

Do you know my future?Edit

Adam: Look, if you are who you say, then maybe you can tell me something about my situation. Like, who are my enemies?
Gnarl: It is forbidden to speak of Time.

How do I get back?Edit

Adam: Well, how do I get back to my own world?
Gnarl: Place the crstal back upon the dome. Yes, that crystal.

Give me a key.Edit

Adam: I might have good need of one of those keys. Is there a catch?
Gnarl: There is always a catch, Linear [sic] mortal. For I to give you a key, you must pass a small test. Are you ready? I have already given you a clue.

Err, hang on a minute.Edit

Adam: Can you tell me anything about this test? I hate tu rush into something I might regret. Is it dangerous?
Gnarl: Nothing can be told other than what has already been told. Do you still wish the test?

I really don't trust you so no!Edit

Adam: Well I am still unsure, maybe... maybe, you could...
Gnarl: Then you have failed already.

—Adam will be returned to the House at this point and will have to acquire another shard of green crystal from the fireplace.

Returning to Rebecca, after having failed the Gnarl's testEdit

Adam: You'll never believe what just happened.
Rebecca: I saw the whole thing through the dome.
Adam: The crystal's gone, Rebecca. We might have to go back and talk to the Gnarl a second time.
Rebecca: We'll just have to chance our luck for another crystal. Maybe those cold flames hold more than one secret.

Answering: Yes, I'm ready.Edit

Gnarl: Done. I tire of triviality. I told you to trust in Time, and you have. Take two masks from the balcony.

Chapter IV Tales of the TowerEdit

Chapter V The OfferingEdit

Chapter VI Journal of EvilEdit

Chapter VII Beyond the GateEdit

Chapter VIII Mark of the BeastEdit

Chapter IX Seven Be BoundEdit

Chapter X The Key of TearsEdit


Adam: It looks hopeful.
Rebecca: What was that?
Adam: I'm not certain, I have an idea.
Raysiel: It seems I have visitors to my garden.
Adam: Who is that?
Raysiel: If you cannot see that which binds you, how much harder it is to escape; thus little mortals fall into the web. So trespassers, what do you want here?
Adam: I have that which enables me to pass. I come in good faith.
Raysiel: As to that, I will be the judge.
Adam: Judge, Jury and Jailer?
Raysiel: Just so. Bear me no malice in this; it is my life's work to carry out that little purpose. I gain no pleasure from it.
Adam: We come in search of a key. We seek to free a man you hold prisoner.
Raysiel: It is promised that anyone can come to play my games. Understand the stakes are high. If you err to often, if you wake me, then you and your lady become my prisoners also, for me to keep until Judgment Day.
Rebecca: We may not have too long to wait then.
Adam: You mentioned games and stakes; what games are these?
Raysiel: The first test is to find the Spirit Ring. Without this you may not enter my Tower. The Key is yours if you can solve the riddle and pass by my ear without waking me.
Adam: Is it the Key of Tears? I have to know that it's this key before we take the test.
Raysiel: There is only one key to be won here in my domain. Know that when it is used for its correct purpose, the magic contained within will be un-made, and the Key will be rendered useless to you.
Rebecca: Is the Key required to be returned once its purpose has been met?
Raysiel: No. The power of the Key is all that you need. The material key is merely a vessel; as the body carries the soul, the key carries the essence, and power of freedom.
Adam (to Rebecca): Come on, let's go. We've no time to waste.
Raysiel: Hold boy! You stumble blindly into my house without knowing all. The first test is to find the Spirit Ring. Without this you may not enter my Tower. They key is yours if you can solve the riddle.

Raysiel's Tower: WarningsEdit

Raysiel: Someone treads my hall. It is the son of Adam. Be warned boy. The need of your real is great; tread softer. So be the gift of the Master Jailer.

Raysiel: Someone wakens me! Ah, boy, son of Adam. You have broken my Laws despite the warnings. So be it. While your soul remains here in the Tower, your world shall perish. That is your punishment. Let internment commence.

Chapter XI Captive AngelEdit

Freeing HawkEdit

Adam: The spirit of my father is held here somewhere. How can I free his soul from torment?
Hawk: The answer to that question is simple. The Balance, the power of the Soulstone must be redressed. The solution is, however a difficult task. The fate of your father, and that of mankind, is a shared one.

Adam: Hawk, who is Aelf? He has offered us much help since we arrived.
Hawk: Aelf is only one of his names. He is a product of the Soulstone. The force controlling the Universe. Metaphorically speaking, if the Soulstone is the lock, then Aelf's sword is the key. It is part of the Shrive. Events and certain prophecies have been falsified; that is why Aelf is here, to put the fate of mankind's future back on course.

Rebecca: What about the Falshire Knights? He said he was the last of their Order.
Hawk: Indeed he is. The very last in the most noble line of avatars to swear their soul to the light on the day of Creation and defend the Soulstone from the very evil we face. The Order finally fell to an Army of Darkness, led by a young mortal called Florentine, and the Demon of Lies. Belial.

Adam: Belial ...
Hawk: Belial is one of the great Lords of Hell. In many earthly texts he has even been confused with the power of Satan. His name literally means 'Liar'. He is Florentine's shade. His 'Doppelganger', if you like. Conceived from the Soulstone, and born from the evil within Florentine's soul.

Adam: Florentine? What about his part in all of this?
Hawk: His role is to see that the power of Satan is manifested physically into the new Host, my antithesis. Florentine lost his soul long ago, in return for his assistance with the destruction of the Seven Seals that guard the Soulstone. He did it to deliver the world into the hands of Satan. He has robbed, murdered and tortured for most of the last millenium. He is a mortal for as long as Belial lives within this world.
Adam: So that son-of-a-bitch and Belial are working together?
Hawk: Not any longer. They may have the same goal, but they are now enemies; vying for the attentions of their Dark Master. Both hope to be Satan's guide if he ever returns in the new Host.
Adam: New Host?
Hawk: The Host of all Evil, Gaul.

Adam: What can you tell us about Gaul?
Hawk: Gaul and I are products of the Soulstone. As his body is prepared as the host for the Force of Darkness, so is mine for the Power of Light.
Rebecca: We have seen Gaul. He took a small green crystal from an altar-stone.
Hawk (holding a shard of green crystal): Like this?
Rebecca: Yes, exactly!
Hawk: It is a shard of the Soulstone. One of many broken and lost throughout time and reality. The only substance that grants entry from the Tower into the Realm of Sheol, the infernal place that guards the area where the Soulstone lies.
Rebecca: If we are to redress the Balance, we should find one?
Hawk: Two. One each for travelling to the Realm of Sheol.

Adam: Who are you, Hawk? What are you?
Hawk: A product of the Soulstone. A vessel born of time, to become a Host for the Power of Light. The complete antithesis of Gaul.
Adam: So you and Gaul are enemies, right?
Hawk: We are of the same substance, but conceived to be enemies.

Adam: Within the Tower we have met a man who calls himself Raphael.
Hawk: Place in him the same trust you place in Aelf, for it can be said that they are of the same blood.
Rebecca: I noticed some resemblance. Are you saying that they related?
Hawk: Related, no. Of the same blood, yes.

Adam: We have our own ideas, but for the record, what part does the Temple of the Morning Star play in all this?
Hawk: The Temple is a thing of man, born of Florentine. Its purpose is to see the power of light thrown down, the force of evil walk the earth.

Adam: We've heard of Sheol, it sounds like a dangerous place.
Hawk: Some call it Hell, or 'Gehenna', the seven terrible layers of fire and darkness. Sheol is only the topmost layer of Hell, the lowest being the Pit. It is within the place you call Sheol that the Soulstone lies.

Adam: Hawk, what do you know of Arqua?
Hawk: Arqua; the Realm of Divinity. Therein lies the Garden of Paradise, many are the wonders to be found there, the greatest of all being the Tree of Understanding.
Adam & Rebecca (simultaneously): The Tree of ...?
Hawk: Your ancestral mother and father ate of it and unto them was given the power to see both Good and Evil; the power of choice.

Adam: Raphael told us of the Tower; can you tell us anything more substantial?
Hawk: It is his place. I cannot tell you more than he.

Adam (showing the shards): Hawk, what are these? They were given to me by Florentine, he was disguised as a Priest, but there's something in them, some sort of power, I think.
Hawk: Adam, these are the broken seals of the Soulstone. You have within your hands six of the seven Seals that bind the Universe together. When the last is broken, the world will be plunged into darkness. If this happens Gaul will become host to the Power of all Darkness and all mankind will be doomed.

Adam: The Shrive, seems to be a pivotal point to everything.
Hawk: It is the part of the Sword Eternal [sic], that was taken from the Soulstone by Florentine. Tell me Adam, have you some sort of mark upon you? Some sort of device similar to the Shrive?
Adam (showing his branded hands): You mean these damned things?
Hawk: You are the one.
Adam: The one what?
Hawk: The one to take up the Sword Eternal.
Adam: I thought you might say something like that.

Adam: Can you tell us more about the Soulstone?
Hawk: The Soulstone is the neutrality of the Universe, the channel from man's thoughts, from which all that is good and evil is filtered. Sometimes thoughts can be so vile and evil, that a minion is created as an embodiment of that mind.

German EditionEdit

Im Namen des VatersEdit

Charles: Adam, oh es ist eine solche Freude, dich wiederzusehen, mein Junge. Ich wünschte von ganzem Herzen, ich könnte dich wieder von hier fortschicken. Adam, bitte wende dich nicht von mir ab! Ich brauche deine Hilfe! Du musst mich erlösen! Ich bin tot, ja, mein Körper ist unter dem Grabstein begraben, aber meine Seele ist gefangen, sie wird von den dunklen Mächten an diesem Ort gequält. Du bist meine einzige Hoffnung!

Charles zeigt ihm seine rautenförmige, grünlich schimmernde Kette.

Charles: Das hier ist mein Joch und mein Wärter, es hält mich gegen meinen Willen fest, um mich der Folter der Verdammten auszusetzen, und Verdammte, das sind sie! Ich kann dir nicht mehr sagen. Es geht nicht nur um das Schicksal meiner Seele, es steht viel mehr auf dem Spiel, als du dir vorstellen kannst!
Adam: Vater, bitte, ich verstehe nicht.
Charles: Du musst es versuchen, mein Junge! Finde Aelf! Er ist eine verwandte Seele und wird dir wie ein Bruder sein. Einst war er ein stolzer Ritter, aber auch er ist gefangen.

Charles sieht sich aufgeregt um.

Charles: Sie kommen zurück! Adam, um Himmels willen, denk an meine Worte, hör auf meine Warnung! Du bist die letzte Hoffnung!

Gestalten erscheinen, um ihn abzuführen.

Charles: Nein..nein....nein! NEIN!!

Offenes AugeEdit

Adam: Ich kenn dich, oder?
Rebecca: Hallo Adam. Träume sind schon eine komische Sache, nicht wahr?
Adam: Das kann man wohl sagen.
Rebecca: Tut mir leid, ich wollte dich nicht erschrecken.
Adam: Schon gut, ich gewöhn' mich langsam dran.
Rebecca: Vielleicht kann ich helfen.
Adam: Du willst mir helfen? Hey, ich bin grade zwei Stunden lang mit 'nem Taxi rumgefahren, um zu einem Haus am Ende der Welt zu gelangen. Ich hab' keine Ahnung, warum ich hier bin! Mir ist kalt, und ich bin nass. Irgendwer versucht, mich umzubringen, und als Krönung, hatte ich noch eine nette Unterhaltung mit meinem Vater. Eigentlich 'ne tolle Sache, nur dass er tot ist. Und du glaubst, du könntest mir helfen?
Rebecca: Schön, dann eben nicht.
Adam: Tut mir leid. Ich hab's nicht so gemeint.
Rebecca: Ich weiß. Sollen wir noch mal von vorne anfangen? Also, ich bin Rebecca Trevisard. Adam: Schön, dich kennenzulernen, Rebecca Trevisard. Adam Randall.

Beide geben sich die Hand, Vision von Aelf.

Adam: Du kannst Gedanken lesen!
Rebecca: Gedanken lesen, wahrsagen, nenn es wie du willst. Es ist eine Gabe, und ich bin hier, um dir zu helfen. Und du brauchst Hilfe, stimmt's?
Adam: Ich weiß nicht mehr, was ich brauche.
Rebecca: Adam! Du kannst nicht einfach gehen!
Adam: Und ob!
Rebecca: Es geht um viel mehr als um das Schicksal deines Vaters!
Adam: Du kanntest meinen Vater nicht.
Rebecca: Vielleicht nicht. Aber eines weiß ich: hier geht noch etwas anderes vor sich, etwas was uns beide betrifft. Und die Antwort darauf ist in diesem Haus zu finden.
Adam: Also gut.

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