The Sensitives is one of the concepts that we can talk to Rebecca about when we first make her acquaintance in the Mansion's Study, after successfully manoeuvring through the inhospitable grounds of the Mausoleum.

Rebecca: Sensitives are those who are sensitive to impressions that are not normally perceived by the average person. Such a person is commonly known as a psychic.

Rebecca herself is one of those fine-tuned characters, a psychic, able to perceive the more subtle aspects of our surrounding world, such as the aura of a person or an object that they are connected to. A demonstration of her sensibility can be witnessed during our investigations inside the old Vicarage of Adam's father, where we come across a copy of The Anatomy of Christ[1], that sparks the following comment from Rebecca:

Rebecca: This book's personal to someone. The aura surrounding it speaks to me of someone other than your father.


  1. Book title according to ROTH texture description: "AOCHRIST.anatomy of christ.bmp"

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