Serpent Statuette

The Serpent Statuettes are part of the puzzle surrounding the Sarcophagus in the Study. Seven of these gold-leaf statuettes are required to open the Egyptian receptacle, allowing us to access the area where Hawk is being imprisoned and subsequently, the Vicarage of Charles Randall and the Church of St. Michael where Adam's father used to practice.


  • 5 Statuettes can be found arbitrarily scattered inside the Mansion's Study.
  • 1 Statuette can be found inside the Mausoleum, in the area where we make Aelf's acquaintance, hidden in one of the dark alcoves, to the left side of a Norman Knight statue.
  • 1 Statuette can be found in Florentine's Cottage, inside the small wardrobe locker that's opened by using the Silver Key from the first Journal part.


Discussing the statuettes:

Adam: Statuette. Covered in... gold leaf.
Rebecca: It looks really heavy but there's no weight there at all is there?
Adam: What do you make of these statuettes?
Rebecca: Gold leaf. Not heavy. Looks like one of a set. All of them connected in some way by a power - something to do with the study.

Reflecting on the statuettes:

Adam: This serpent statuette. Seems to tremble in my hand. Is it magical? Should I put any emphasis on its importance...? I just don't know.
Adam: The statuettes. They feel charged. Trembling to touch. There's a power at work here. I hold one and images of tormented angels flood my senses. Are they important? Or am I finally losing it here?

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