Shimmering Gate
Tower Shimmering Corridor
The Tower
Charles Randall's Vicarage

The Shimmering Gates are architectural elements that we come across in various parts of the Tower. They have also been marked by Florentine on his incomplete Map of the Tower. In the case of the Tower, I was wondering about the necessity and function of these gates. Maybe they are supposed to be some sort of safety area, into which the inimical creatures flying and roaming around the Tower may not enter.

By entering the viridescent Throne Room in the Mausoleum, we tread through another shimmering gate, our trespassing being acoustically accompanied by a short, monastic sort of chant.

There's an additional gate in the basement of the old vicarage where Adam's Father used to dwell. It lies beyond the ornamental tree door, which can be unlocked with the TreeKey Tree Key, and leads us to an effigy of sorts, an image of a place we've not yet come across, a surreal display of the Tree of Life. On this particular gate, Rebecca comments that the "Magic within speaks of Travelling and Time."


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