On this page, we shall elaborate on some design elements in Raysiel's Tower, which seem to either evoke images of the past or predate events in the future.

The Mansion's DormitoryEdit


When exploring the Dormitory in the Mansion, we notice that the floor is creaking under our weight, inspiring the question as to why the developers would implement such a feature. Maybe it's supposed to demonstrate the age of the House, but I'm also inclined to draw a subtle parallel to one of the rooms in Raysiel's Tower, which we visit later on and which is covered with a so-called uguisubari, a specific type of floor often encountered in Japanese temples. The wooden planks are arranged in such a way, that walking over them creates a chirping sound, similar to the Japanese nightingale.

Fire GlyphsEdit


One of the rooms in Raysiel's Tower has an indentation on the floor, seemingly burning of its own accord, apparently by way of a magical fire glyph, and harbouring a CeramicFlask Flask of Hot Liquid. Taking into consideration the similar textural design as well, this particular room recalls our previous exploration of the Temple of the Morning Star, prior to our departure for Raquia.



One of the rooms in Raysiel's Tower appears to be a Study of sorts, mirroring to some degree the Mansion's Study and especially the Laboratory in the Basement of Charles Randall's Vicarage. Apart from the similar layout, various bookcases and notes, the worn-out blue rug RLIBFLR1.library floor in the centre uses the exact same texture.


Roth 087

One of the rooms in Raysiel's Tower harbours a small chapel of sorts, featuring an exquisite window of stained glass, not unlike those that we later on see incorporated into the architectural body of St. Michael's.

Silver KeyEdit

Examining the Key on the Siren's neck and the Key we previously found hidden between the pages of Florentine's first Journal, they are both referenced as a "nicely worked silver key" by Adam.


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