Henry Godwin

Sir Henry Godwin is a person not actually encountered in the game, but mentioned in one of the News Cuttings that we find on the notice board in Adam's cell. The article identifies him as a titled astronomer who died in the events of a devastating fire, ravaging through the west wing of his estate in Gloucestershire. The police suspect foul play and we could speculate that Florentine had his hands in the disaster, potentially as a cheap way of acquiring astronomical equipment for his Observatory.

Noted Astronomer Dies in House Blaze
Titled Astronomer Sir Henry Godwin tragically died last night in a fire that spread through the entire west wing of his home in rural Gloucestershire. Police suspect foul play. Various equipment were found to be missing. The astronomer's wife who is believed to have slept through the fire was unhurt. Scotland Yard is continuing the investigation. Their spokesman will issue a statement later today for the press.

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